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MOBA games are very hot in the mobile gaming market; there are many games that gamers cannot ignore such as Mobile Legends, Heroes Arena and many other attractive games. However, these games have appeared for a long time in the market that made the players bored and no longer interested. Do not worry, will introduce to you a new genre MOBA game called Light x Shadow, promising to become a very hot game in the future.

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Electronic Soul released Light x Shadow Apk at the end of 2017. In just two months, the game quickly created a strong wave and was appreciated by many players. Specifically, the game has reached 1 million downloads and over 15,000 reviews on Google Play store.


The game was based on the Chinese novel series Manhua and appeared in the early 18th century. This is a very popular series in China, and many publishers have ideas for film and game development. The story tells a young man named Ryun who dreams of becoming a swordsman. After many years of training, the young man became a brilliant and invincible swordsman. However, Ryun’s life has many mysteries and dangers. You play as Ryun and start fighting to discover the mystery surrounding your life.

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Like other MOBA games on the market, Light X Shadow for Android has a familiar system. You will control your character by a virtual key on the screen, the deals will be automatically selected and damage to the enemy. Besides, the orientation is designed flexibly so players can efficiently use them. Also, you can adjust the game’s visualization options to suit different devices.

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Moreover, when you role-play in Ryun, you can also immerse yourself in other characters provided by the game. That gives the player a more enjoyable experience with different characters and skills. There are a lot of characters to choose, each of them has their own unique skills and styles. You have to familiarise yourself with each character so that you can master his skills. Besides, new characters will be added in the next update; there are many new characters for you to experience.

In other MOBA games, you are allowed to choose only one character to fight in a battle. However, for Light x Shadow Mod, you and your teammates can change characters in battles, which makes the game more attractive and your opponent unable to turn back.

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Download Light x Shadow also offers players many fascinating game modes: 1Vs1, 3Vs3, and 5Vs5. Besides, the AI gameplay mode helps you train and familiarise yourself with new characters. In particular, the game also has 3v3v3v3 mode in which has up to 12 participants. In this mode, 12 players will be divided into four teams; your team will have to play against the other three teams and collect items around the map to increase the team strength.

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Not only that, the game has a 3D design with style Anime beautifully. You will definitely be impressed with the graphic design of this game. The character images, skills, effects are designed beautifully in detail. It can be said, graphic design is the strength of this game. Overall, this is a very interesting Moba game with lots of interesting features that many games have. You can download and install the game via the links below for Android and iOS.