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Are you familiar with traditional and popular MOBA games like Dota II, League Of Legends, you are looking to experience a fresh sense of MOBA on mobile devices? You will not be able to skip the game Light VS Shadow: Fight Song, the game is released by Electronic Soul Producer. Players will participate in 5v5 real-time matches that are very engaging, with familiar play and eye-catching graphics. Since the launch of the game, the game has created a fever in the global gaming community and promises to give players a different experience with the same games on the phone, let’s Learn about Light VS Shadow: Fight Song.

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The plot of the game

In a marvellous world called Aika, the battle between humankind and darkness takes place over thousands of years; humanity has won and brought light to this world. The Darkness has always wanted to return to invasion and make the world dark. A new era of human heroes has begun, these young heroes will defeat the evil Darkness to once again maintain the peace and beauty of this world, human beings can sacrificing his life to preserve the peace of the world. A new war has begun, and the heroes are linked together to defeat the evil forces Darkness.

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Familiar gameplay and varied features

At the start of the game, the player controls a team of three heroes and completes the tutorial mode for beginner players. You will use your skills and attacks to defeat the Darkness; you control the direction of the character’s movement with the virtual key in the bottom left corner of the screen, you control the character to perform the technique. Attack and virtual attacks in the lower right corner of the screen. The game’s control system is very well optimized, so players only need to complete the new player guidance mode to be able to control their character most effectively.

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Light vs Shadow: Fight Song for Android features PvE Battle mode, where players can engage in real-time battles with programmed AI, you can train your skills with different heroes in this mode and win. Also, the game will feature PvP Match mode, where players will be able to participate in 5v5 matches with other players around the world, the matches will take place on a map divided into three main lines and a forest. MOBA gameplay is similar to today’s popular MOBA games, showing you your skills and tactics alongside your winning teammates to get lots of bonuses and items valid.

Light vs Shadow: Fight Song for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After each game, players will receive bonuses and experience points, experience points will help you increase your level to get more gold by the titles you earn, you use gold coins to Unlock the new heroes in the game store. The hero system in the game is very diverse; each hero has four separate skills and suitable for each position in the team. The game has a lot of unique and new features awaiting players to explore.

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Design 3D graphics in animated style and impressive sound

Light vs Shadow: Fight Song for iOS owns a 3D animated cartoon style design. Characters and surroundings are designed very clearly and in detail, the visual effects are very beautiful and colourful, the manufacturer has invested heavily in imaging technology to bring players the best experience. Also, you can customize the level of detail of the game in the image settings; the game can meet the device has a weak configuration. The voices of the characters are voiced by the famous Japanese seiyuu; the characters will have individualities and become more alive. Sound effects of the game are described in the most vivid and impressive way; players will feel a real battle when participating in the game.

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You can download Light VS Shadow: Fight Song here

Light VS Shadow: Fight Song APK Download is a new and exciting MOBA game, with a fascinating storyline, rich gameplay features, beautiful graphics and impressive sound. The game will be able to overcome many popular MOBA games on the market today such as Arena of Valor or Heroes Arena, which will bring the best experience for MOBA game enthusiasts with all the power that your device can deliver. You can download the game using the link below the article.