• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 10.0
  • Price: $2.99
  • File size: 938 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Life is Strange for iOS is a very interesting puzzle game that you should try. The game is released by Square Enix, the popular game company with such popular games as Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Rise of the Tomb Raider … Life is the Strange game has become an attractive puzzle game on PC/Console. At that time, Life is Strange has won many great awards. After a long time on the PC and Console operating systems, the official game is on the mobile device and for the first time for users on the iOS operating system, while on Android will launch next year. Now you can immerse yourself in the game anywhere.


Life Is Strange

Life is Strange has a fascinating and engaging storyline. You can be immersed in the game. The plot of this game is widely praised. Game Life is Strange is composed of 5 parts by the publisher. The story is about a young woman named Max Caulfield, she is a photographer, and with her friend Chole, they find out the cause of missing a girl missing in high school, where she is studying. And of course, you will go back to Max Caulfield’s time.

Life Is Strange 3

In the game, you play the character Max; she has a supernatural power, she can go back to time and start to have many bad things about her strange ability. As can be seen, the Life is the Strange game is one of Square Enix’s critically acclaimed and critically acclaimed critically acclaimed series, as they create not just a single character, but two cores object. The plot of Game Life is Strange also mentions a very clever way, involving many social issues such as murder, addiction of youth … and many other issues in life. The mechanics of this game are simple and unobtrusive; you just need to learn how to move in the game and can click on objects to investigate more easily. However, this is a mobile version, but the graphics of this game are also great, Square Enix is very meticulous to detail


Life Is Strange 2

In the game, you can reverse the time, restart your story and try it again. You can adjust the story, so from then on it will become easier. Just as you are travelling the time, you change in the past; now you will also be changed.


Recognize the game is Life is Strange full of detail, you can find many interesting points in the game. You can play and discover exactly. Square Enix created an extremely addictive and enthralling game. Since the release of the game, the title has been very successful and brought Square Enix many achievements. In 2016, this game was awarded and honoured in the category of best games in the BAFTA Games Award. In 2015, the game was also awarded the title of the year, at the two Golden Joystick Awards and Global Game Awards. If you are a fan of this game, you can download it from AppStore. As for the Android operating system, the game will be released shortly. You can download it from our links below.