• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/06/2018

Let’s Dish is a unique and exciting entertainment game recently introduced to the market by Big Fish Games. Players will have the opportunity to become a good chef in this game. You create dishes in different ways to serve your customers. Show yourself as a good chef, overcome the various challenges in the game to create the best food. With familiar gameplay and a wide variety of features, the game promises to bring the unique and enjoyable moments for players.

let s dish 1

Let’s Dish – fun cooking game

In this game, the player will become a chef. The task of the player is to make the best dishes to serve their customers. You want to make a dish; you will need to combine a variety of different materials. Games have very familiar gameplay; players will not take much time to learn and participate in this game. On the screen of your device will display a table divided into many different squares.

let s dish 2

In each box, there will be a food ingredient such as cheese, vegetables, tomatoes, meat … Players will perform touch operations and swipe the screen to change the location of these materials and Create a row or column of 3 identical materials. Once you’ve sorted a row or column of three or more of the same ingredients, you will get a score.

let s dish 3

You need to do this several times to complete the difficulty level. Also, players can make different combos with special foods that appear randomly. With great combo players, players will quickly complete the difficulty level and get more delicious food.

Let’s Dish – Fun & Friendly Match-3 cooking

With each dish, the player will have to overcome many different rules. You will create more special dishes when you pass the higher difficulty levels in the game. After completing many difficulty levels in the game, the player will receive different titles and become a skilled chef. You can connect the game to your social networking accounts so you can invite your friends to play along and enjoy this fun cooking game. The game has many other unique features awaiting you to explore.

let s dish 4


Let’s Dish Mod Money owns the 2D graphic design in a fun cartoon style. The characters in the game are very detailed and fun. The different types of food in the game are also displayed very sharply so that the player can see the most. Sounds when players perform combo skills will make them feel extremely excited.

let s dish 5


Overall, Let’s Dish is a game with quite familiar gameplay. But, you will still have new experiences when creating unique dishes in this game. The game is very addictive; you will not be able to stop until you get through the difficulty level and create a new dish.