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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 66 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/12/2018

You are interested in puzzle games; these games will bring many unique challenges and help you test your brain. So you should experience Lemmings, this is a puzzle-type game with many fascinating challenges alongside beautiful characters. You will experience a variety of unique challenges with many different levels.

lemmings 1

Lemmings for iOS are now released by Sad Puppy Limited producer; you will be taken to a fun world with many challenges and impressive adventures. You have the task of guiding the lovely characters of the game to a safe location to complete the challenge. The characters will move continuously, and you will have to build the necessary buildings to help them reach the safe position on the map of the game. With the puzzle element, players will have to observe and come up with clever ways to complete the task.

lemmings 2

There are many challenges for you to overcome

Lemmings APK Mod are built with many levels and are designed with many obstacles to overcome. You will have to watch carefully before you act, if you do not observe, you will injure the characters. If the character is injured, you will not be able to complete the required mission and must play again. When you start, you will be given some simple levels with important instructions to help you get used to the game.

lemmings 3

Besides unique challenges, you will have the opportunity to collect many beautiful characters when participating in the game experience. Completing the levels will help you get more bonuses and have the opportunity to collect many characters. These characters will help you feel much happier. Also, completing the required challenges, you will get many impressive items. These items will be used to build many beautiful planets for the characters.

Lemmings for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Online challenge

If you have a feeling of being bored with offline mode, you can join online mode to compete with many others. In online mode, challenges will be harder with many obstacles and traps. You will need a wise strategy along with a series of quick manipulations to complete the task. To win the competition, you will have to help the characters move to a safe position as quickly as possible. Therefore, participating in online mode is an important experience that people should not ignore.

lemmings 4


Lemmings for Android have a beautiful 3D graphics with sophisticated details. Many details are built vividly, providing many beautiful images. The interface of a scientifically arranged game makes it easy to use and offers an impressive experience. Many beautiful characters and thousands of levels designed with different obstacles will make you love it when you experience.


Lemmings is a puzzle game of the most attractive content and feature today. You will be surprised by many challenges and have created opportunities when building many impressive works. The game offers many impressive entertainment needs such as online competition, construction, and puzzles.