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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 79 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/04/2018

League of Lords is a unique and exciting empire development game, released by Fingerdance Games developer. You will be involved in a very large world and contain a lot of mystery. You will become a skilled warlord and build a mighty empire and conquer other nations. The game will have a lot of difference with the current popular empire building games like Lord Mobile or Clash Of Clans. Players will enjoy a new style of play, let’s learn about the League of Lords game.

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Alliance of mighty empires

When participating in League of Lords Mod APK, the player becomes a warlord. The task of the player is to lead the people to develop their nation to become more powerful. You will start with basic operations such as resource extraction and research. These tasks will bring a great resource and basic technical background. Then you will make building a lot bigger to develop faster.

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Also, a mighty nation will not be lacking a large military force. Players will work on the construction of buildings to develop troops. You can use your army to invade the surrounding lands to expand your country territory. Also, upgrading the army is very important, and you will use the trophies you collect to upgrade your army. Your country will be very powerful with significant contributions from a strong military system.

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League of Lords for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With team-building, you can team up with other players around the world to form a powerful alliance. Exchange experience to develop more quickly. You can join the players in your party in battles with other groups. Try to win the title on the strongest league chart and get lots of bonuses. You and your teammates invade all continents and become the hegemon of the world. The game has many other unique features waiting for players to explore and experience.

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Graphic design is very impressive

League of Lords for Android owns a very nice 3D graphics design. Characters and works in the game are very detailed and clear. Maps and large areas are displayed very intuitive and easy to use. The sound of various weapons in the battle is described very livelily and true.

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You are a game developer lovers empire, and you will not be able to skip the League of Lords game. With many unique and diverse features, beautiful graphics and vivid sound. The game will give players the unique and exciting experience. The game is currently not officially released, so you can join the game and rest assured that your data will not be refreshed when the game is officially released. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.