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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 13/03/2019

Continuing with the theme of zombies, are you prepared to become the last survivor of the world? You will have to overcome a lot of crazy challenges to survive in a dangerous world and death can come to you anytime. You need to be strong and have smart plans to survive. If you are ready to take on crazy challenges, experience Last Human Life on Earth. Mouse Games developer has created a game for people who love the apocalyptic context. The toughest and most dangerous challenges are waiting for you. To join the game, use the sharing link at the bottom of the article.

Last Human Life on Earth 1

Start the journey

With the post-apocalyptic world story, you will face many different dangers. Especially the danger comes from zombies. The human world has been destroyed, and the whole earth has become the territory of zombies. They appear everywhere in the world, and you need to find a way to survive in a world that is no longer for humans.

Last Human Life on Earth 2

The mission of the survivor

Last Human Life on Earth for iOS for iOS will give you the craziest survival challenges. There are many things you need to pay attention and learn to be able to survive in this ruined world. First, you need to secure yourself and avoid attacks from zombies. Next, you have to search and accumulate a lot of food, medicine or drinking water to ensure your life. In a crumbling and chaotic world, the mission of survival is never easy. To survive in this complex world, you have to build many different plans, and your survival plans must be done correctly. If the plan is not done well, your life will be threatened.

Last Human Life on Earth 3

To maintain life, players need to move continuously to many different locations. In each location, you must search for the necessary items to ensure energy for yourself. Besides, you need to manufacture and equip the necessary weapons to destroy the zombies. In the early part of the game, you will have to use rudimentary weapons to attack zombies. Therefore, you need to be careful when fighting zombies.

Control character

To participate in this exciting survival journey, the manufacturer has built an intuitive control system that makes it easy for players to use. Like other role-playing games, you will use different virtual keys to control the character. Use the virtual key shown on the left of the device’s screen to control the character. This virtual key will help you control the direction of character movement with many different directions including moving forward, backward, left turn or right turn. On the right side of the screen will be displayed some different virtual keys including a virtual key to use weapons or items. A virtual key is used to open the backpack and check the items or tools you have collected. And also some virtual keys will be displayed when you participate in individual tasks.

Last Human Life on Earth for Android/iOS


The game is carefully built with a user-friendly interface. This interface is responsible for helping you control the character in the survival mission. On the right side of the screen, there will be a small map system for you to observe when moving. And the left side of the screen will show your energy. If this energy bar is dropped too low, your character will die. So you need to make sure the character’s energy bar is not reduced too low. And in the middle of the screen of the device will be displayed the number of hours and the number of days you survived. To create many good achievements, try to survive for the longest time

Last Human Life on Earth 4

Realistic graphics

Last Human Life on Earth owns a beautiful 3D graphics. By using a true 3rd perspective and with a wide viewability, you will have many exciting experiences. Also, you can explore the time system by day and night to bring the most realistic experience for you. With day and night system, there will be lots of interesting pictures to enjoy. In particular, the game is also prepared with a diverse weather system that creates many interesting experiences for everyone. With this weather system, survival challenges will be attractive and create more fun.