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Zombies pandemic has become one of the endless topics for game makers to exploit. The war before the disaster Zombies always have a great appeal to gamers. According to information we recently received, producer Glu Games Inc. has released a game on the topic Zombies. That game is called Last Day Alive Apk. The game is expected to be very successful in the current gaming market. The game can be compared to other popular games such as WarZ: Law of Survival or Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO. The game has a lot of interesting points that you should not miss.

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You will experience a wild world

Download Last Day Alive is set in the modern human world. But it is not as beautiful now, the world in Last Day Alive is a desolate and lifeless place. Humans are faced with the Zombies pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the planet. This is a terrible disease; it will wipe out a life where it passes. However, there are still survivors. You need to focus everyone together, to live together in this ruined world. In the game, you can be killed anytime by the Zombies. You need to survive in any way. Can you survive in a world like this?

Last Day Alive apk

Last Day Alive Mod has the same storyline as most other games of the same genre. But what makes the difference is the gameplay. The game does not require you to focus too much on survival such as Last Day On Earth or WarZ: Law of Survival. In Last Day Alive, your task is to use different weapons, destroy the zombies in your way. This is a third-person shooter game so that you will have fierce battles.

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To open more levels in the game, you need to complete the assigned tasks. You will be confronted with fierce battles. Your job is to destroy all the Zombies in an assigned area, save everyone and move to the military zone. Trying to pick up weapons will increase your firepower. That lets you blow up all the Zombies on the way. Remember, you need to shoot the gas and explosives on the road to destroy the Zombies in the fastest way.

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The zombies in the game are also very diverse; you need to distinguish them through the appearance. Some Zombies can run very fast or can jump very high, and some Zombies, especially when destroyed, will explode. You need to remember all the above if you do not want to lose. Upon reaching the final stages, the Zombies will spill over; you will have to shoot continuously to destroy it. If you are alone, you will surely die. Therefore, the people you help will become companions in this war.

Weapon system is diverse

Last Day Alive Mod Ammo has many different types of guns such as machine guns, rifles or heavy shotguns. After completing the tasks assigned, you will receive a lot of money to be able to unlock all these guns in the store. Also, when you destroy the Zombies, you also get a lot of money.

Character control

The game’s virtual keys are simple, easy to familiarize and quickly control your character. The basic operations such as moving, shooting, loading ammunition, melee and throwing grenades are simulated very practical. The game also has a lot of places to fight, such as stations, streets, supermarkets and shopping malls.

Last Day Alive

One thing I do not like about the game is that you can not freely move your character. Instead, the system will automatically replace your job. This greatly reduces the appeal of the game, because players are not free to explore the map.

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Beautiful graphics

I am very impressed with the graphics in the game. It is based on the latest 3D graphics. Every scene in the game is designed very meticulously and true. Effects such as fire, shooting, murder are all very vivid simulations. Besides, the colour in the game is as gloomy as the horror film. The sound in the game is great, the sound effects of the Zombies certainly make you very scared. Please download the game now. Currently, the game is available on both iOS and Android operating systems.