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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 77 MB
  • Date Updated: 04/03/2018

According to the latest news we just received, GAMEVIL has just released Kritika: The White Knights. GAMEVIL is famous for certain games like Cartoon Wars 3, Monster Warlord … and many other exciting games.

Kritika: The White Knights APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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Kritika: The White Knights APK is also a very attractive game of GAMEVIL. The game was released on February 19 and is distributed on both the Android and iOS operating systems at 77MB. The game has just been launched for 2 weeks, but the game is becoming an intense wave in the mobile game market. Specifically, the game has reached 50 million downloads on Google Play and a lot of positive reviews from players around the world. Let find out what makes this game exciting.


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Kritika takes you to a world of champions where the knights must fight to defend their reputation. You will play as a powerful knight and fight against other knights. It will be hard for you to beat the others, use your skills to win convincingly.

Interesting gameplay

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Coming to Kritika: The White Knights for Android, you will enjoy the beautiful and lively action. You will join in the battles with a lot of strong champions.
– Mystic Wolf Guardian: As a great character with extraordinary powers, he will destroy all those who stand in his way. Be careful with his powerful thunder.
– Noblia: Master of weapons, he can use a variety of weapons and change weapons anytime.
– Dark Valkyrie: The female character with charming appearance, she can seduce her opponents with the magic wand. Be careful with the chainsaws on her rope.
– Demon Blade: His sword is very special and extremely powerful, with just one hit, he can blow of a sweep of an army.
– Cat Acrobat: He possesses a flexible and agile body, which allows him to dodge enemy skills and return to attack accidentally. If you are not careful, you can be knocked down very quickly.

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Besides, there are 103 different levels that you can experience; the difficulty will be increased in each level. At high levels, It is more difficult for you to defeat opponents. Fortunately, after every match, you will receive a lot of gifts and rewards. Use that money to upgrade your character and make it invincible. Besides, you can participate in a variety of different modes that the game has to offer such as Boss Battle mode, arena…

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Kritika The White Knights Apk Mod Data for Android

Beautiful graphics

Kritika: The White Knights Mod Money has a gorgeous 3D graphics design. The characters, monsters, animals are described in detail and realistically. The game has a top-down view that allows you to move and perform character skills easily. Combat effects are also designed to be very lively and colourful to give the players an enjoyable experience.

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In general, the game has fascinating gameplay and beautiful graphics; it certainly will not let you down. We have provided the link for you to download for Android and iOS devices. Have fun!