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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 11/06/2018

Are you looking for a game for your weekend? Knife Rush will be a perfect choice for you; the game is released by Playgendary. This is a reflex training game; you will be able to overcome many challenges with various challenges in this game. You express yourself as a person with high patience and ability to reflect well to overcome all the challenges that the game offers. The game will bring you a lot of fun that you can imagine with simple gameplay. Currently, the game is available on Google Play and App Store. Let’s find out more about Knife Rush for iOS and how to download games more simply.

knife rush 2

Reflex training game

At the start of the game, your device’s screen will display a numbered circle and lots of coins on top of this circle. You will use your fingers to perform your throwing weapon on this circular object. Try to use your weapon to earn bonuses with the right throws in the position of the coins.

knife rush 3

This circular object will rotate randomly; you will need to wait to throw your weapons into the empty positions. The game will end when the number on the circular object is reduced to 0. The gameplay of this game is very simple; you will not need any guidance to be able to participate in this attractive game.

knife rush 4

Knife Rush APK Download will be divided into many different difficulty levels for the player to pass. The ability to rotate the object and the number of weapons to be hit will be greatly increased in the next difficult levels. Therefore, players need to perform the most accurate operation to be able to complete the higher difficulty levels easily.

knife rush 5

You can collect new weapons

You can make money by throwing your weapons at the place of the coins. After completing the difficulty level, you can buy different weapons in the game store with the money you earn. With unique weapons like kunai, sword, katana, razor … players will have more exciting experiences in the next difficult levels when they are possessed of new weapons.

Knife Rush 4 – Make the knives fly!

Simple graphics

Knife Rush APK Mod is a simple 2D graphic design and fun. The circular object and various weapons in the game are displayed in very detailed and clear. You can see all the remaining vacant positions on the circle object to fill them. The sound of the weapon, when struck with the object, is described very hilariously.

knife rush 1


In general, Knife Rush for Android is a Reflex training game not too strange to the player. However, if you want to find a game with a variety of weapon systems and new gameplay, Knife Rush will be a good choice. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of this article, and you should always visit PiePure to get information on the latest entertainment.