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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 281.91 MB
  • Date Updated: 29/03/2018

KleptoCats is a cute and lovely cat game. The game has been very successful, and many people love. So the next version of this game was launched in early 2018 with the name of KleptoCats 2. In this version, the cat becomes much more lovely, and you can interact with more cats. Also, many attractive features have been added to the game that you are sure you will enjoy.

kleptocats 2 5

More missions, more rewards

KleptoCats 2 for Android allows you to control three cats at a time. This also means that the difficulty will increase slightly, but the reward you receive will be multiplied by 3. Some of the secrets of the cat has also been gradually revealed through this version. It turns out, the cats have found a gate to space and used it to escape. They started together to inject their talent. But it is interesting that they will come back and bring a lot of surprise gifts for you.

kleptocats 2 4

Hyperheard, the maker of the game, has spent a great deal of time and effort upgrading and creating new features and interacting with cats. You can touch some objects and use them to play with cats. Also, you also have to clean up some of the cat’s stuff like “heaps of dung”. But do not be afraid, the reward you get is also very attractive.

kleptocats 2 3

Cute but dangerous cats

KleptoCats 2 Mod Money brings you lots of fun in just one room. You can explore a lot of things in this room; it’s hidden but a lot of interesting and waiting for you to find out. Besides, the cats also have very interesting mysteries. The game also has a great feature called Catalog, where you can find cat records in this category and have jigsaw puzzles on each profile. Try to find the missing pieces and what you get is also full of surprises.

kleptocats 2 2

KleptoCats 2 APK Mod Unlimited Money

Gem – a dog that has appeared since the last version but rarely appears in the game. In this version, the dog will appear more often and give you more surprises.

Graphics in the game

KleptoCats 2 for iOS is only equipped with simple 2D graphics, but the manufacturer is very meticulous design and cute. You will enjoy the cats are designed very lively and lovely. Music in the game is also fun and attractive. You will enjoy a lot of interesting music in the game. You will have a great experience playing the game.

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General comment

You love the first version of KleptoCats, so I believe you will love the next version as well. You will find many interesting and interesting features awaiting you to explore. Have fun playing the game!