• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 34 MB
  • Date Updated: 01/04/2019

Kiss of War is a game about World War 2 waiting for you to discover. With familiar and addictive war content, you are allowed to experience two interesting genres: role-playing and strategy. When you experience, you can comfortably relax with many quests and game modes. Combining the two elements is immersive and strategic to help challenge more diverse and create more fun for everyone. Choose the country you love and start experiencing the fiercest battle of human history.

Kiss of War 1

Beautiful character

Unlike other war content games, Kiss of War for iOS will bring you a series of beautiful and impressive female characters. Instead of having to experience the usual male characters, the female characters of the game are very sophisticatedly designed. You will perform all the tasks of the game with female characters. There are three female characters from 3 different countries to choose from Jessia – from the UK, Marjorie – from France and Grace – from China. Each character will be designed with their costumes and different styles. Choose the character you love to have a lot of fun experiences.

Kiss of War 2

The picture of the fierce war

Tap4fun publisher has built a beautiful and stable image system for you to explore. In the context of World War 2, you have the opportunity to enjoy the most intense and crazy battles. Many battle locations and ruined landscapes of war will bring you authenticity. Movement of characters and soldiers is quite stable, providing the necessary images to relax. In particular, you will discover unique slow-motion images with slow-motion effects and lots of compelling videos that promise to give you exciting emotions.

Kiss of War for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Strategic mission

For real-time strategy mode, you will be controlling many different combat units to defeat the enemy. To be able to defeat the enemy, you need to train soldiers and build new weapons. The development of military and weaponry needs a scientific strategy. If you do not calculate properly, your army’s fighting ability will be weak, and you will easily be defeated by the enemy. Build many barracks and factories in your base. Calculations use reasonable resources to own a powerful army and still be able to develop the army.

Kiss of War 3

Role-playing role

With immersive mode, players are taken to various locations to fight and destroy the enemy. Each location will have its tasks to perform. To perform the task that the game offers, you are provided with a simple virtual key system with two different virtual keys. Both of these virtual keys are located on the right side of the device’s screen. A virtual key that helps you destroy enemies and a virtual key that is used to load ammunition. With the simple controls above, you will destroy enemy soldiers with the weapons that the game provides. Each mission is completed to help you gain experience points to upgrade characters and many other valuable rewards to develop the army.

Kiss of War 5


Kiss of War brings more familiar and interesting challenges to players. The game becomes more attractive when it is a successful combination of strategy and role-playing. With two unique game modes and a series of exciting challenges, you will experience the battles in World War 2 in the most honest way.