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If you are a sports fan or football. The good news for you, the recently released Hugo Game has launched a very interesting football game that is Kings of Soccer. Currently, Kings of Soccer is on sale on Google Play and the App Store. After launching, it has received the love of the gamer community, so the game promises to bring you the most relaxing moments. If you are curious about Kings of Soccer, then check out the article below.

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Game instructions

Join Kings of Soccer for Android you will have the task of setting up a team of your own. Choose the best players and then join the tournaments with other players. Tournaments will have different challenges. As well as in real life, you will first be involved in amateur tournaments, winning these tournaments you will officially enter a challenging professional tournament. This is a tournament with the presence of the strongest teams, possession of the most professional players and players. There is only one champion, so use your best tactics and skills to defeat all and become the king of football.

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Kings of Soccer Mod Money has a different way of playing with other football games. Each team will only feature five players, more specifically the players will be marked by the model, and they can not move. Players will touch each player’s finger, drag and drop to perform actions such as running or passing the ball. Players have the task of controlling their players to score as many goals and win the match.

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One thing that Kings of Soccer differ from the rest of the football games is that every game in this game has only 1 minute, so players need to win as fast as possible. Kings of Soccer APK Mod also supports online play; you will be able to play against other players around the world. There is a ranking of the strongest teams. It will be interesting to be able to top this chart.

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Download Kings of Soccer Mod for Android/iOS

After each match, you will have the opportunity to receive new cards. Each card will be lined up according to the stars, the more stars you show, the better. To go further in each tournament, you need to recruit quality players and set up the right tactics for your players. Hint, the player with the highest stats is not necessarily in line with your tactics.

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Graphics and sound

You will enjoy the exciting atmosphere in each match. Kings of Soccer owns the 3D design of the stadium with a top-down view. The image of the players on the field is very beautiful and real. Besides, there are live sound effects appearing from all over the stage. Helping you feel like you’re in the top flight in real life.


Kings of Soccer APK Download is a perfect choice for those who are passionate about sports. Join the game and conquer all players and tournaments from small to large. Top games and exciting atmosphere await you. Please install Kings of Soccer immediately below the link below. Have a fun experience!