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  • Platforms: Android. iOS
  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018

Raw Fury has released Kingdom: Two Crowns, a simple platform-based game that does not have much of a difference with other games. When you play this game, you feel like you are sitting on the throne and looking at the people kneeling under your feet and you are loved by everyone. The rule of the kingdom is a great privilege, but you will not be able to operate the country if you do not place yourself in that position. Game Kingdom: Two Crowns will make you excited about building your empire.

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Undeniably this game is very familiar to players in the world, the early 1980s to 1990s of the younger generation. You remember classic games like Mario or Kingdom Game, rooted in consciousness that can not be replaced and now that consciousness is based on smart mobile devices. You can create your own from the two built up hands, you will succeed in the way you have chosen. Game: Two Crowns is a sidescroll game and money in the game is an extremely important thing to help you succeed.

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With 2D graphics, you can scroll horizontally. Moreover, this game will become so attractive that you expect it. Game Kingdom: Two Crowns has a multi-player mode, I have tried this game on the iPad and can play multiplayer at the same time. With multi-player mode, you and your friends can build two different kingdoms or can combine with friends. This is a very new mechanism that players are eager to try once in the team. This game, you can install on the computer to play with friends


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At the beginning of the game, you will see the dark forest and the animals in the forest running back and forth. The game will teach you how to move on the screen. Then you will go down a ramp when you exit the forest, and another scene will appear. After you walk a mile, the game will give you the amount of gold on the road; you will have to pick them up for you to make capital

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Thanks to this graphics maker did not disappoint the player to invest in this game. Download Kingdom: Two Crowns Apk Mod is a multi-player feature, you have Can play with your friends to help build in the game. Also, although the graphics in the game are not beautiful, it gives you a sense of returning to the 80s. Each time you move the character, the scene will show up there, the water and rocky mountains, clouds are moving. All will create a colourful scene of classical nature. In terms of sound, it is commendable to the soundtrack team for having worked hard to create authentic sounds and interact with the environment in the game and how to handle them properly. Game Kingdom: Two Crowns to create a picture depicting the poor, hungry, or hurting people.

Kingdom: Two Crowns Gameplay – Android/iOS


Although Kingdom: Two Crowns is outdated, it cannot be underestimated. If anyone has ever played the game Minecraft will certainly love Kingdom: Two Crowns game. Because the gameplay is simple, but you will be addicted to it for thinking. If you love this game, do not hesitate to download it.