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Everyone is familiar with the famous animated characters in the world such as Duck Donal, Mickey Mouse, … You along with the famous animation character participated in the adventure in KINGDOM HEARTS Union X by Square Enix producer.

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This is a popular Japanese game publisher, best known for turn-based games including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest. Its new game promises to bring impressive moments to players.

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KINGDOM HEARTS Union X APK Mod is a game that helps people get back to the familiar childhood animation characters. Not only the celebrities like Duck Donal, Mickey Mouse, Hercules, Elsa, … of Disney. The game is a combination of popular Japanese anime characters. All the impressive characters are waiting for you to discover in the game. The game is the third installment in Kingdom Hearts, which is expected to continue to bring Square Enix franchise. Asserting publisher role in the role-playing game world market in general and Japan in particular.

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Like the previous parts of Kingdom Hearts, the player becomes the Sora character and begins his adventure to new lands. On the journey to discover the new world of Sora, you will meet new friends Donald, Goofy and they will help you on your way to the upcoming adventure. In the game, you will be given the task, and your responsibility is to complete that task. There will be many different tasks, from simple levels to harder, completed and left to your mark.

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New Adventures

The game will take you to many different locations, depending on the mission you are assigned, Toy World, Toy Mountain, Olympus, etc. Where to explore and you will not feel bored when you experience the game. There are many levels to explore such as Story, Special, Event, Union Cross, Coliseum. Each level helps players to conquer the colorful world of KINGDOM HEARTS Union X and has a fun experience playing the game.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ – Gameplay


The game is simple; the virtual keys are made on your mobile screen. You will control Sora and your friends to the place assigned to destroy the enemy. Each character will have a unique skill and power, so make sure that your team has the most advantage. Each level has different enemies, at an easy level, you do not need much strength to destroy them. But at the harder level, you have to make sure your team has the most advantage over the enemy if you do not want to lose. After successfully defeating the enemy, you will receive the items needed for the following missions, be sure you do not miss an item.

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Graphics and sound impressive

KINGDOM HEARTS Union X for Android is an impressive combination of celebrities from the two worlds, the animation of Disney and the Japanese anime. With beautiful 3D graphics and the best picture quality, players will have the perfect experience. The virtual keys in the game are also designed in detail, not to make players difficult to manipulate. So, the graphics of the game will not disappoint you. Japan is famous for producing sound for the game and always leave an impression on the player. The sound is the power of Square Enix publisher; the game is built with good sound, stimulating players as they experience the game.


The game is built with impressive gameplay, graphics, and sound with great quality. This is a game worth experiencing. Join in and experience the great combination of Disney and Square Enix.