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  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

Recently, the famous Nexon game publisher in Korea has launched a new role-playing game to welcome 2018, the game called Kaiser (카이저). The game is expected to dominate the global online game market by attracting players of this title. Currently, the game has been released in some countries around the world; you can download the game via the link at the bottom of the article.

Kaiser (카이저) APK Mod Money

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Kaiser Mod Money is the first product of Nexon’s “eldest brother” in the land of Kim Chi in 2018, designed with an open world that allows players to comfortably battle the big map in the game. With state-of-the-art graphics, the Kaiser is equally well worth even the most aggressive role-playing games currently on the market. The game is open for testing on the Google Play store for players in Southeast Asia between January 9 and January 16, 2018.

How to play

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Kaiser (카이저) for Android is set in the Middle Ages, an era in which legendary, mysterious creatures exist, endangering humanity. The game is divided into four basic classes: Warrior, Archer, Assassin or Sorcerer, who will choose one of the four classes to start the game. Of course, each will have its advantages and disadvantages, but their overall strength is well balanced so as not to cause a disparity in the game. Therefore, to understand the characteristics of each character, you must fight a lot.

Control system

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Kaiser for iOS is designed with two basic angles, the first and the third views, which allow the player to automatically switch, rotate, zoom in or out on the view to get the right perspective. You can also control the character to perform actions as easily as moving, dodging or using skills to battle with the virtual navigation keys at the corner of the screen. Also, Kaiser also supports Auto feature to help players busy, no time can still hang the machine, so that characters automatically fight, do the task.

KAISER by NEXON Gameplay Android MMORPG Open World


Also, the Kaiser is exquisitely engineered with extreme 3D graphics to make the effects and actions of the characters in the game more detailed, more beautiful. However, at present, this exciting game is only one language is Korean, so players from other countries in the world will encounter many difficulties in this regard.


Currently, Kaiser (카이저) has been released on Google Play for users in Korea and some Southeast Asian countries. If you are not in the regions above, you can still download the game via the link below.