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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 17 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

If you regularly watch’s articles, you will surely know the simple and addictive game of Ketchapp. In particular, such as Bendy Road, Dunk Line, Pocket Bowling, Car vs Cops and Space Snake. These games are extremely attractive and are highly rated by many players around the world. Continuing that success, the publisher recently launched a game called Just Jump extremely unique.

just jump 5

Just Jump APK Download was released on March 15th and is being distributed on both Android and iOS. You can download and install the game by following the link at the end of the article. Shortly after its debut, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from users. Specifically, the game has reached over 100,000 downloads and 700 reviews on Google Play. So you can safely download the game to experience.

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Addictive gameplay

Publisher Ketchapp is famous for its simple and unique gameplay. In the past, many of these publisher games were successful with such play. Just Jump for iOS is no exception, the game has a new play and is easy to be addicted. Not only that, the game has very high difficulty levels, and you will have to play it many times to score high scores. Although the game has very high difficulty this is also what makes the game so famous.

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Coming to the game, your task is to control the ball and help it overcome all the challenges in the coming time. The ball will automatically move forward when you start the game; then the difficulty will begin to appear.

just jump 2

The hardest thing for you is the terrain will have many obstacles. The stones on the way will be automatically raised or lowered, and all the rocks will be separated by a segment. In the first play, you will be very difficult to control the ball. However, if you are familiar with the way the ball is moving then the ball control is extremely easy.

Just Jump By Ketchapp 9 games in 1 app Android iOS Gameplay

Also, the terrain will change constantly, and you will have to reflect fast to bring the ball away and not fall. This is the most interesting part of this game; it is not easy for you to take the ball away. Also, Just Jump for Android also offers a variety of different game modes to players have more fun experiences like Ball Jump 2, Ball Fall, Invert, Balls, Speed Up, Gravity Space, Nerves, Ball Fall, Invert, 2 Balls.

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If you are interested in these reviews, you can download games for Android and iOS under the link below. Note: The game release is free. So, in the process of joining the game, you will encounter annoying ads. Have fun playing the game!