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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 09/02/2018

Yodo1 is a successful game maker with many famous games such as the Room of Doom, Rodeo Stampede. Recently, Yodo1 has introduced to the players an exciting new game called Jellynauts. This is a highly addictive entertainment game.
Jellynauts Mod has been launched in late January 2018. Yodo1 has brought the game to players on both iOS and Android operating systems and players can download it for free. Download Jellynauts is a very simple game; the game tells the battle of the fruit is extremely attractive, attractive. In this article, PiePure will introduce you to the features and play of the Jellynauts. Let’s get started!

Download Jellynauts Apk v1.0.3 Mod Full for Android

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Game introduction

Jellynauts for Android has the familiar gameplay for many gamers. Entering the battlefield, your first mission is to collect as much energy as you can, and fight with other players. Try to beat them to get a lot of experience. Thanks to these experience, you will grow stronger. The game has a very simple request, that is you have to live for a long time. You will quickly get caught up in the game and immersed in the fierce battle.

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Like other Yodo games, Jellynauts also have a lot of features for you to explore. You are given a variety of weapons such as swords, magic wand or even a pan. You can choose from many different character classes. Witches can attack magical enemies at very distant locations, melee attacking mercenaries are extremely powerful. Besides, the rune system and skills are extremely diverse. You have many options to upgrade to suit your gameplay. Jellynauts gameplay is very rich; you will definitely have great play time.

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There is an interesting mode in the game; it’s a free mode, it allows you to call friends to fight together in 5v5 battle. In a 5v5 match, you will be shown combat skills with friends and opponents around the world. Throughout each game, you will receive a variety of attractive prizes such as costumes and jewellery for the beauty of the character. There are many different clothes and accessories for you to choose.

Download Jellynauts MOD Apk for Android, iOS

Graphics and sound in the game

Jellynauts Mod are equipped with 2D graphics due to the simplicity of the io style, which does not require high graphics but still meets the requirements of the player. The colours in the game are made very sharp, bright. This makes you fun and relaxing while playing the game. Besides, the characters in the game are also cute and fun. The effects in the game lively. Sound, music is made extremely reasonable. It can be said that the manufacturer carefully invests both sound and picture elements in the game. You will also be satisfied with the quality of the game.

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General comments

If you need to find a new game that is simple and fun Jellynauts Apk Mod is a great choice. It is not as difficult as the current action and tactics games. You will have time to relax, entertain when playing. The game will surely succeed in the future. You can download the game by visiting the link below.