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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/04/2018

It Will Crush is an extremely entertaining game, released by VEGA CRUSH. A crusher is a very interesting experience for those who want to learn things that will be crushed with a lot of different shapes. The game will allow players to control a large power crusher; you will feel a lot of fun when participating in the game crushed different objects and more! Let’s learn about It Will Crush for Android.

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Simple gameplay

When participating in the game, the player controls a crusher, their task is to crush variously shaped objects that are dropped from above. The crusher will operate on its own and crush all objects that fall into the centre of the machine, each crushed object giving the player a certain amount of money. You can use the bonus to upgrade the features of your machine.

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It Will Crush for iOS has many options for players to upgrade such as Boster, Speed, Power, Reducer, Tooth, Tooth and Marketing. Each upgrade option will give you an effect on your crusher, which will work more efficiently and more efficiently to bring in more revenue for the player.

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When you reach a certain level of score, the player will complete the difficulty level of the game; harder levels will give players more challenges such as the number of objects falling fast and objects have the larger size.

It Will Crush for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After completing the difficult levels, players will receive bonuses from the game, you can use the money to buy new grinders with beautiful design and greater power. The new grinders will make it easier for players to get through higher levels of difficulty. In addition, you can also use the money to buy colour packs to change the colours of different grinders and crushed objects, the game also has a lot of other rich features.

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Unique graphic design

It Will Crush APK Download owns a unique 2D graphic design, grinders and game objects designed simply and crisply, the crushing effects of objects are very vividly displayed. Makes the player feel very excited. The sound of the objects crushed and the machine was described as very fun.

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Want to find a game of leisure after hours of stressful and tiring work, It Will Crush will be a game that fulfils all your desires. With a simple gameplay, the system features a variety of, unique graphic design. Players will be fascinated by the game from the first look; you can download It Will Crush with the link at the bottom of the article.