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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

Today, will introduce you to a game that is being loved by so many people. It’s Island Strikers, this survival game designed and developed by NetEase. The game looks similar to NetEase’s earlier Rules Of Survival and Knives Out games. Perhaps you are wondering, why does not NetEase develop a game in another genre? So, let us let you know the fun of the game.

Island Striker 6

How to play

Island Strikers for Android has a mix of tactics, teammates, survival. When logging into the game, you can create a character as you prefer, instead of having to choose a default character. You can choose the type of hair, glasses, clothes, shoes, etc. for your character, and you can choose the character that owns special skills. The layout of the virtual keys in the game is quite similar to the MOBA games; you can easily control your character moves, attacks, parachuting, skimming, special…

Island Striker 5

Island Strikers APK Download uses a top-down view, which reduces your viewing distance, but the range in the game is also shortened. Thus, you have the advantage of being able to see a map area around you, limiting enemy attacks silently from behind, which increases your combat ability.

Island Striker 4

You only have one mission to be the last survivor, it’s easy, but you have to fight with 99 other players. They will be parachuting on an aeroplane, down to any location on an island. You can adjust whether to get to the best position.

Island Striker 3

Download Island Strikers for Android/iOS – Gameplay

If you think you can sit still for a while during the battle, it’s impossible, because there’s a circle on the map called a safety circle. It will shrink by the time it is programmed; you are forced to move to the centre of the circle if you want to survive. Therefore, you can not avoid the confrontation with other players.

Island Striker 2

Items in the game

The special thing about the game is that you will not have any objects, and of course, the rest of the players are just like you. When you set foot on the island, quickly find weapons, vehicles, protective gear, … In the game, there are a variety of weapons such as the sword, hammer, bow, flamethrower firearms, firearms, rocket guns. You can create traps to knock down opponents.

Pictures, sounds

Island Strikers for iOS is based on 2.5D technology so that you will be attracted to the game. The game is designed to support both high-end and low-profile configurations, to fit your device, so you do not get jerky. Also, the grass in the game helps to hide your opponent; this will help you a lot if you can take advantage of the grass. The sound in the game is processed very carefully; you can hear the footsteps in the game.

Island Striker 1


This game is carefully designed from live sound to beautiful visuals, unique gameplay that is suitable for all ages and gender. To be able to download and install it on your device, visit the link below provided by us.