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Recently, a new survival MOBA game was released. This game is called Island Pioneer. After launching, Island Pioneer for Android has topped the app rankings in the TapTap store. With new gameplay and many special points, this game has achieved great success. You may get bored of playing such survival games like Rules of Survival, Quantum Special Attack … You want to find a new and unique feeling; Island Pioneer will be your choice. Let’s find out more about Island Pioneer.

Island Pioneer APK Mod for Android/iOS

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Gameplay and features

The map of Island Pioneer for iOS is based on a very famous island in the Americas. The image is built in a beautiful cartoon style. The players will feel novelty and happy when fighting here. The map of Island Pioneer is huge and quite similar to the traditional MOBA games. You can search for weapons that are scattered on the map, and you can also use the boat to move to other islands. The map of this game is huge; you can not explore the map in just one match, the developer also did not reveal the size of the map.

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Island Pioneer’s gameplay is similar to other survival games. Your task is to survive and destroy all the other players on the map. Try to find the most modern weapons, hide and kill other players. Kill or be killed, you can also be in the sights of other players so be careful.

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Island Pioneer APK Mod has a very diverse character system. Each character has his skills, which is different from other popular survival games. After entering the game, the first thing you need to do is choosing a character and name your character. There are many characters that you can choose and unlock other characters. But you should play a character in many matches to master and be able to win more easily.

Island Pioneer (孤岛 先锋) APK – New style survival game

There are a lot of equipment and weapons in Island Pioneer. Island Pioneer’s weapons are the modern technology such as firearms or lightning bolts. Besides, you have to collect other equipment such as armour, hats … to increase your survival ability. The system of weapons gives the players the most fun and comfortable time.

Graphics and sound

Island Pioneer Mod is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive animation style; the characters are drawn beautifully and charmingly. This makes Island Pioneer unique and exciting. The sound of the game is well presented, the sound of the character or the various modern weapons will bring the most fun moments for players.

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You can download Island Pioneer here

Island Pioneer is unique and attractive to the survival style of MOBA. Games are top in many Chinese game charts. Currently, this game does not support languages other than Chinese; you can still play without knowing too much about the language. You can download the game here rather than having to enter the Taptap store in a language you do not know.