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Today, we will introduce you to a strategy game and have a MOBA style game called Iron League APK. Iron League was released by DEXINT GAMES Inc. The game is unique and new; the graphics system is beautifully designed. Iron League promises to bring a lot of interesting experience for players. Let’s find out about Iron League.

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In the world of Iron League, continental Asteria is a very beautiful and peaceful land. The nations on this land are very greedy, they have caused war across the continent to gain dominance. These warring nations have created a weapon called Ironsides. This weapon has tremendous power, Ironsides has caused heavy damage throughout the continent of Asteria. After a long time, the war was over, and the victory was won by Continental. The consequences of the war still exist, people have revolted in many places, a new war again began. Seeing the dangers of war, the three nations that survived the war had formed the Iron League. A coalition of justice, united nations and against the war.

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How to play

At the start of the game, you will choose a hero and fight with your teammates. You will join a real-time 3v3 battle, you will have to control your character and team up with tactics. In battle, the tactics and skills of the players are two important factors that determine the outcome of the game. Iron League play is similar to other MOBA games. You and your teammates have the task of destroying the enemy, destroying the main pillars of the opposing team.

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The battle ends only when the main house of one of the two factions is destroyed. A team that destroys the home of the previous opponent will be the winner. How to control the character in the game is very simple. The game has a beginner’s guide system, so you do not spend a lot of time getting to know and mastering your character.

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Iron League Mod Money has intelligent targeting; players will have more time to think of tactics for their team. The automatic combat system, which gives players more time to observe and change tactics in the game. These two features are a huge difference for Iron League compared to other MOBA games. The game also has many other modes such as 1v1, 2v2 … Players will have more challenges to overcome in the Iron League.

Iron League APK v2.2.0 Mod Unlimited Money

The character system in the game is also very diverse; each hero will own specific skills and certain roles in the game. You need to select your hero carefully, to combine the team with tactics and win.

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Graphics and sound

The graphics system of the Iron League is designed with beautiful 3D technology, the design of the character and the surrounding environment is very sharp and detailed. The skill in the game is extremely eye-catching. Sound describes very well the skill effects, the voice of the character in battle. You will feel like a real battle.


You are a person who loves MOBA style games, tactics. Download Iron League will be a great choice for you, the features of the game are diverse and unique, character system is very diverse, the graphics system is extremely beautiful. Iron League will give players the most unique and exciting experience. You can download Iron League using the link below the article.