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  • Date Updated: 10/02/2019

True Axion Interactive Co., Ltd – A combination of two companies including True Corporation Public Company Limited and Axion Ventures. This cooperation was created so that these two companies could participate in the mobile game market, a market with great potential and many investment companies. And the first product of this unique venture is called Invictus: Lost Soul. A game that possesses a great image quality and can please all users with complex graphics requirements. The game has antagonistic fighting content, a genre familiar to everyone.

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Familiar and addictive content

Fighting genre is often developed strongly on PlayStation platform. To meet today’s high demand for entertainment. True Axion Interactive Co., Ltd brought an impressive entertainment world right on your device. To provide a countervailing genre on the mobile platform, the manufacturer has carefully prepared from content to images. Besides, many diverse activities have been well prepared and created many exciting experiences for everyone.

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With good preparation for graphics quality, Invictus: Lost Soul for iOS creates many honest challenges and makes you feel like you’re experiencing PlayStation platform. Join the fight and compete fiercely to become the best player with many exciting fighting skills. A lively world is right ahead, quickly experiencing right now. A product that promises to create hits in early 2019 that you should not ignore.

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Before you start taking part in the challenge, you will be allowed to freely design characters with lots of interesting edits according to your personal preferences. After that, players can participate in basic control instructions to understand the content of the game. You have the opportunity to fight many different warriors, and they come from all over the world. To defeat the enemy, you need to have good control skills and use combat skills quickly. Speed ​​and reflexes are two important factors in fighting fights that you should keep in mind.

Invictus: Lost Soul – True Axion Interactive

Invictus: Lost Soul APK Mod is built with many interesting missions and activities, players need to experience continuously to win and improve their fighting skills. Each mission will have different requirements and rewards for you to perform. Complete many missions and participate in regular events of the game to discover many interesting things.

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Weapons and equipment

With the addictive fighting genre, the manufacturer has brought many attractive equipment systems for everyone to experience. This system promises to create many intense and beautiful battles — an impressive range of equipment such as weapons, armour, shields and many other items. You will get a new experience every time you use a new weapon or equipment. Choose the most suitable equipment for your fighting skills, make your character more attractive with much beautiful equipment.

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Are you ready?

Invictus: Lost Soul is the most exciting fighting game today and does not yet have a product with similar content. Attractive 3D graphics and lively motion with a variety of combat skills will provide an exciting world for you to experience. To be able to quickly experience the game, please use the link at the bottom of the article.