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Final Fantasy is one of the most popular series game that is available on all PCs, mobile phones and consoles. Square Enix franchise has officially announced that Fantasy game will be released in the coming time. Download Idol Fantasy is the name of the next version. This is a sports game and is expected that will be more successful in the future.

Idol Fantasy APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

Idol Fantasy 3

The company also has many successful products in the mobile gaming market. Idol Fantasy for Android is in the final stages of preparing for the launching in April. You can download games on both Appstore and Google Play for free. Let find out more about this exciting game.

Idol Fantasy – the most anticipated game in April!

Idol Fantasy 4

If you love music and dance, you have to try the next version of Final Fantasy. The characters in the Idol Fantasy are designed in the same style as the previous versions of this series so you will be very familiar. However, the game also has some differences such as Teita, Jiro Suzuki, Kirishima So…

Idol Fantasy 2

If you’ve ever played “The World Ends with You”, surely you are very impressed with the way the characters are designed in the game. The designer of the game – Gen Kobayashil has created such wonderful characters. This time, he collaborated with Square Enix and was involved in the design of the characters in the Idol Fantasy for iOS.

Download Idol Fantasy APK MOD for Android/iOS

According to the company, the characters in this version are inspired by characters that are too familiar with the players. They have appeared in variety shows, anime, movies and manga. Each character is well-known Japanese actors, so I am sure that the game will bring you a completely new experience. The sound in the game is also a good point that players are looking forward to this product because it is from the music products written by the famous J-Pop artists.

Idol Fantasy 1

This is a dance game; the producers are interested in investing in dance. You will probably control your character dancing, singing, appearing on television and more. Surely, you will have the fun time when playing the game.

General comment

Idol Fantasy APK Mod is a completely different version from previous ones. You will no longer have to engage in fights or murders. Instead, you will be immersed in top music and beautiful dances. In my opinion, the game will be very successful in the future. Let’s wait for the game launch day. Do not forget to visit regularly to get updates on the latest game news. You can register to play the beta version of the game by visiting the link below. Have a nice day!