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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/02/2018

If you are a fan of brave warriors then surely not be missed game I Am Warrior. This game was developed by XIJI Game publisher on the Android operating system and is highly appreciated by players. The XIJI Game publisher also has two very popular I Am Archer and I Am Wizard games and has many downloads on Google Play. Following that success, I Am Warrior Mod Gold is an exciting new product that promises to bring you an exciting experience.

Download I Am Warrior Apk v1.0.5 Mod Gold/Diamond

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Coming to I Am Warrior Mod Diamond; you will be immersed in a real battle with many powerful warriors. During the battle, each team will have 17 warriors participating in combat, each with different skills. Do everything like jump and roll … use all the skills to destroy the enemy.

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Of course, enemies are also powerful warriors, so you will always have to be careful if you do not want to lose. Also, in each battle, you will have to do the assigned quests, complete missions to get more bonuses.

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Not only destroying the warriors, but you also have to destroy the enemy’s facilities and headquarters. Destroy everything you meet on the way to win the fastest. When fighting, there will be many warriors in the battle; you may be confused between your team and the enemy. Thus, the two teams will be distinguished by two different colours, red and blue. The skills and strength of the team will be displayed on the screen so you can give a tactical match and win.

Attractive features

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I Am Warrior for Android has been upgraded significantly regarding graphics and gameplay compared to the previous two versions: I Am Archer and I Am Wizard. Stay up to date with new versions to experience the latest features of the game.
– The main characters are upgraded in skills and power, and enemies are also more powerful to adapt to the game.
– Try to win battles for more bonuses, use it to upgrade, unlock new skills and characters to increase the appeal of the game.
– There are ten different types of skills that you can unlock
– Destroy the enemy’s sculptures to win
– The rewards you receive may be diamonds. However, if you are lucky, you can find it.

Download I Am Warrior (by XIJI Game)/Android Gameplay HD

Graphic design

The graphics of the game are also very detailed and beautifully designed. Character images, monsters and weapons are also portrayed as authentic, giving the player a very enjoyable experience. Also, the game also has a lot of different maps; this will increase the variety for the game.

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There are a lot of interesting features in the game waiting for you to explore. If you are interested in the above ratings, you can download and install the game under the link below, quickly experience this fascinating game.