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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/03/2018

Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is an attractive strategy game developed by B.V. The game was released on November 9, 2017, and received much support from players around the world. You will be the manager of a medieval castle; your task is to build and train the people of the castle to be able to protect and attack the bad guys around you.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom APK Mod Money

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Inside the game

Initially, you will play as a king in a castle. Your castle is divided into different rooms like the Throne Room: If you want to open a new room, you need to upgrade the Throne Room, the dining room: the place to make the food and ingredients that are necessary for the battle. Vaults: Where to store and upgrade the castle, Cellar: Where to store your entire … Each room will give you a different mission. The most important place of the castle is Barracks; it allows you to collect army troops to start the attack or defend the castle.

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You need to fight off attacks from Abyss Lord and zombies to defend your kingdom where there are so many people living. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod Money will provide you with basic troops to fight the dark forces. With your ability, you have to control, protect and defeat every battle. After winning each battle, you will receive exciting rewards. Note, all the results of your castle management will be judged by Happy Points.

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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom for iOS offers 20 different rooms for you, allowing players to build and customize your castle. After developing inside the castle, your warriors are ready; you start participating in the real fight.

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You turn on your map and see what you have to do next. There are seven different areas that you have to overcome, to move on to the next field you need to complete the mission in the first map. To switch to another field, you also have to take 100 dishes, keep this in mind to save other food. When you win, you will receive a corresponding amount of gold, and in particular, you will be credited as new entrants to the castle. Open Chests after each match so that you can get other attractive presents.

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Use your management talents to grow and win in every battle. Interesting things are waiting for you in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom for Android.

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– You can build castles for yourself with the people inside
– Protect people from God Abyss
– Upgrading, developing, exploiting everything to serve the battles.
– You have the right to organize your troops as you like



Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom APK Mod has simple graphics but fun gameplay. Besides, the sound, live soundtrack, colourful images are what make this game great.

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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is one of the most popular strategy games for people who love fighting games. You will be a manager, participate in building and protecting everything in the castle. With great support from the players around the globe, Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom will surely bring the relaxation while playing. Let install and experience this game via the link below.