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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 84 MB
  • Date Updated: 15/10/2018

Animal hunting is an unacceptable activity in many countries around the world. But do you want to experience the true feeling of hunting animals? You can experience it by participating in the most impressive hunting game by Timuz Games producer is Hunting Challenge. Let’s find out the true meaning of the game through this article of mine.

hunting challenge 2


Hunting Challenge for Android is a shooting game with very interesting animal hunting content. The game takes you to a true hunter experience. Join the game you will understand the way a real hunter works. You will have to camouflage carefully and persistently wait for the prey to go to a favorable location to shoot.

hunting challenge 3

Join the game you will use the virtual key system that the game has set up for the experience. The virtual key system of the game is very simple and easy to use. Similar to other shooting games, the virtual key on the left will be used to move your character such as forward, backward, left, right. The game will give you all four virtual keys on the left side of the screen of the device. These four virtual keys include four different effects: sit, sit, reload, view. Make the right move with the right shot to knock down your prey.

Hunting Challenge for Android/iOS – Gameplay


In the game, there will be many different hunting environments for you to experience, from lowland to highland. The game will allow hunting at different times of the day, sometimes in the morning and at night. You will hunt in dry and wet environments. Also, you also face dangerous animals such as wolves, leopards, lions. They are very agile and dangerous. They will discover where you are hiding and attacking you. Quickly destroy them before they can attack you.

hunting challenge 4

The game also gives you a variety of guns for you to collect and experience freely. To own the best gun, you need to complete the tasks that the game requires. Each mission that you complete, the game will give you bonuses. Bonuses will be used to upgrade and purchase new guns. Regularly upgrading your guns, upgrading them regularly will help your gun gain maximum power after every shot.

hunting challenge 5


Hunting Challenge APK Mod is a role-playing game, so the game graphics are very impressive and beautiful. The details of motion and image in the game are very real. The game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and sophisticated. All movement in the game is very smooth and addictive. You will feel the realism of the game through the details and movement in the game.

hunting challenge 1


Hunting Challenge is an impressive role-playing game that you will surely enjoy. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand, so you will quickly get familiar with the game.