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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 35 MB
  • Date Updated: 02/04/2018

Hungry Fish Evolution is an RPG and innovative style game. The game is about to be released on Steam to play on PCs. In recent times, Umnyasha Games developers have released games on two mobile platforms: iOS and Android. The game has a new and unique way of playing. The game promises to bring the most enjoyable experience for players, the entertainment of the game is very high. Let’s find out about Hungry Fish Evolution for Android.

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How to play

You will control your fish swim in a paper environment! This is the uniqueness of the game. You will choose the shape of the fish you like. Then you change the colour of your fish; the fish has many parts for you to change the colour, under the screen, there is a table of many coloured pens of different colours.

hungry fish evolution 4

You will choose and create a special fish according to your ideas. Once you have done the fish colour selection, your fish will swim in the ocean on the paper; you will move your fish swim on the lines of paper to eat other fish. You will have to avoid the bigger fishes in order not to lose the game. You can choose and change the costume of the fish at any time in the game. You can earn money and score after eating other fish.

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Hungry Fish Evolution APK Download for Android/iOS

Also, you can use the money to buy support items for your fish; these items will help increase the score you gain when eating other fish. When you eat enough fish and reach a certain level of score, your fish will evolve, you will colour the new appearance of the fish. This will make the player not feel bored and always feel new. The game is very addictive; you can play Hungry Fish Evolution all day without feeling bored because the diversity of the game comes from your ideas.

hungry fish evolution 2

Graphics and sound

Hungry Fish Evolution APK Download is designed with 2D graphics technology. The design of the fish is very detailed and rich. You feel like the fish are swimming in the ocean. The background music of the game is very fun and helps you focus more.

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You are looking for a new and unique entertainment game. Hungry Fish Evolution APK will be your choice, make your creativity with the fish in the ocean. You help them to eat and evolve. The game is unique and addictive. You can play games anytime on your mobile device. You can download Hungry Fish Evolution using the link below the article.