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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: 04/06/2019

Games with vivid images with fun moves always bring comfort to everyone. If you are looking for a game like this, Human: Fall Flat is the right name at present. This game has unique and interesting gameplay to explore after stressful times in life. Do you want to explore a unique world with different types of maps? Are you ready to explore and destroy many different types of architecture? Enjoy it now with friends or family to get more fun memories.

human fall flat 3

Destroy the world

Human: Fall Flat APK Mod is an engaging puzzle game and is released by 505 Games Srl. It has simple content and a series of unexpected challenges for people to explore. This game is built with a diverse map system. You can explore a medieval castle. Or you can move around a building under construction with many different tools and construction materials. At each map, you are allowed to freely destroy them without anyone blocking you.


When participating in exploring this strange and exciting world, you will be controlling a character to move around the map and perform the tasks you love. Your character is simply designed with white and moves in WOBBLY style. Also, the character is also prepared with a variety of attractive costumes for you to use.

human fall flat 2

Big map and lots of interesting things

Come to the map; you are allowed to explore many different areas on the map. Each area is prepared with unique tools for you to use. Besides, you can also comfortably hold or throw different kinds of objects. In addition to exploring many areas on the map, players will use the objects that appear on the map and destroy everything. You can use the catapult to destroy the castle or use a large iron bar to bend the iron bars that are in your way.

Human: Fall Flat for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In particular, the game allows you to be entertained with friends or family. You are allowed to explore with multiple players at once when the device has the necessary connections. When exploring with many other players, you can destroy other players’ buildings or prank others with the tools available on the map. Note, you are allowed to explore with a maximum of 4 players on a map.


Human: Fall Flat for iOS has a simple and uncomplicated image. It is designed to fit the gameplay to create comfort for everyone. With gentle image details, you can comfortably install on many devices because it will not use much memory of the device.

Human Fall Flat

You will love this game

In addition to the complex challenges that require a lot of time to entertain, Human: Fall Flat is an attractive option to relax in a short time. Although owning a crazy fantasy world, the game also possesses realistic laws of physics to bring many interesting images for your entertainment.