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  • Date Updated: 07/03/2018

Today, I introduce you to a horror game called Horrorfield. The game is in beta, but it has created a fever due to the horror nature. In the game, you will play alongside other players. Now, let’s explore this game.

Horrorfield APK Unlimited Skill Points

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Horror background

Download Horrorfield describes a desolate, macabre town. No one lives here. You and the other players will explore this town. In town, there is a serial killer, and you need to survive to unleash the mystery of this town.

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Live or die

Horrorfield APK is an online game. You will join five other players and be randomly selected in two types of characters: the killer and the explorer. As an explorer, there are four characters for you to choose. The characters have different skills. If you want to help your teammates, play “Stacey”. She is a doctor; you control this character picking up medical items to treat your teammates. You need to coordinate with other players to survive and win.

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Wilderness in Horrorfield Mod Unlimited Skill Points is a closed map. The necessary items, weapons scattered in the town. You need those items to fight the killer and survive. If not, you will die. The game has a lot of surprises for the players. Horrorfield for Android has many different characters and beautiful outfits. The characters have different moves; players will feel more interesting.

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When you are the killer, your task is to kill other players. If you pick up a saw, it is a very powerful weapon to kill other players. The other players move, they will leave footprints as you approach them, you can determine their position.
The other players combine, you need to hunt for them and kill them all otherwise you will lose because of the limited time.

Horrorfield Android / iOS Gameplay Dead By Daylight Mobile

Scary image

In the Horrorfield game, uninhabited homes with flickering lights create a thrilling sensation. Bloody images are scary to create the excitement of the player.

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Horrorfield for iOS is in beta and does not support multiple languages. The game is for those who are 18 years of age or older, as there are horrible scenes in the game. This is a unique, horror-style game. Horrorfield will probably be one of the most talked-about games of the horror genre in 2018. The game is released on Google Play and supports Android OS 4.3 and higher.