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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/12/2018

Do you love the ball and care about its exciting motion, what do you think of the activity of the balloons when flying high and landing? Hopping Ball will help you answer interesting questions about the operation of the ball. Discover the action of the ball when you have to overcome obstacles appear unexpected. Complete the impressive challenges with soaring highs and landing of the ball. The game is currently being released on App Store and Googleplay by WonderlandGame.

hopping ball 2

Colorful games

Hopping Ball APK Mod is built with many beautiful themes and a variety of colors. Each theme will bring different colors, bringing the user to many surprises and interesting. Variety of colors and many dynamic activities will bring a lot of comfort and fun. Also, the game is designed with a one-touch control system that is impressive and easy to use. Players only need to touch the screen of the device to control the ball. This is a simple control system that allows you to enjoy the experience on long journeys.

hopping ball 3


With varied themes and hues, the game will be prepared with many unique challenges and different levels to challenge the player. Each level will have its design with many interesting obstacles; you will have to take the right steps to complete the level. Watching and acting quickly will help you to easily overcome the obstacles. Completing the challenge with wise moves will get you an impressive score. Overcoming many challenges will make your score higher, and you will get excellent performance.

hopping ball 4

With a variety of levels, you will have to overcome many challenges. Therefore, you should join the experience with friends to compete and relax. Taking on the challenge with your next-door neighbor will make the experience more compelling. Discover the limits of yourself and the game with a variety of challenges. Compete with friends to find the player with the most impressive score. The competition will help bring excitement and comfort when you can relax with many people around. The experience will be more fun when more people join.

Images and sounds

Hopping Ball for iOS has simple graphics but is built and arranged beautifully by each level when experiencing. The normal visual system, but suitable for gameplay, offers simplicity in the experience. Colors are harmoniously combined with many details. You can enjoy many attractive visual effects that bring a lot of unexpected discoveries when relaxing. Besides beautiful and easy-to-see pictures, the sound of the game is impressive with lots of fun sounds. The sound is well-matched with content that brings comfort and fun, helping you enjoy and easily overcome challenges.

hopping ball 1

Surely you will like this game

Hopping Ball with an easy-to-understand content and a visual control system will provide the entertainment needs needed with. You will not need to do a lot of complex operations when the experience, the game is suitable for many devices and easily set up with a small size.