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Today, would like to introduce to you an exciting role-playing game from Japan. This game is called Honkai Impact 3 by the manufacturer miHoYo and has received a lot of praise from gamers.

Honkai Impact 3 APK Mod Damage for Android/iOS

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Download Honkai Impact 3 is designed with anime style, and surely, as anime style game, no game can beat the graphics of Honkai Impact 3. The game has not only beautiful graphics but also has attractive gameplay and human story. Currently, you can download the game on both iOS and Android. If you are a fan of Japanese comic books, you are probably familiar with the Guns Girl series.

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This is a story about the challenging journey of 3 girls Kiana, Raiden Mei and Bronya, they against Honkai – an alien creature intended to dominate the Earth. Entering the game, you will see the scene of Honkai beginning to land on the planet. Kiana is the first to stand up to fight Honkai; she rushes down from the sky with determination to destroy the Honkai. At that moment, Honkai Impact 3 officially started.


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In Honkai Impact 3 APK, you transform into a commanding officer on the Hyperion. You need to recruit the warriors of Valkyrie and fight together. They have a lot of personalities and capacities. Currently, there are 3 characters for you to choose, they have different attributes and fighting styles. The next update may add more character classes to give you more options.

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The game is designed with a unique combat system. The controls make you feel like you are playing games on the console game. Also, the game has a non-target form of combat. The fighting style is quite meticulous; the combat skills are also eye-catching and attractive. Besides, when the character blows, many beautiful effects make the players extremely excited. You can freely move the character to any position you want or change the view in the game, 3-dimensional space gives you a lot of great experience.

Character development

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Honkai Impact 3 Mod Damage has a diversified character system that allows you to choose freely. Each time you level up, you have the opportunity to unlock new characters. Each character has different skills and equipment to increase the character’s stats. Besides, the game has a very attractive mission system. The challenges in the game are fierce and difficult that requires you to have the perseverance to overcome. But when winning, what you get is extremely worthwhile. The items and experience in the game allow you to increase the power of the character. You also get involved in PvE battles and join guilds to participate in. If you are bored of fighting in the game, you can also interact with other characters in the Hyperion by talking and teasing them to increase the character’s friendly points.

Download Honkai Impact 3 Mod APK

Impressive graphics and sound

As I said above, Honkai Impact 3 Mod Money is considered to be an anime game with the best graphics in the same genre. The game is equipped with a very nice and creative 3D graphics system with subtle graphics. Because of the quality of the graphics, the game also takes up enough space on your phone – up to 2GB.

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Besides top-notch graphics, the game also has a quality sound system. The game is well-known by voice actors such as Miyuki Sawashiro (Raiden Mei), Kana Asumi (Bronya), Horie Yui (Ai-Chan), Kugimiya Rie (Kiana) … The sound in battle is very lively. Especially the music in the game makes gamers feel incredibly excited.

General comment

Honkai Impact 3 for iOS is expected to get success in the future. The game supports a variety of languages ​​that allow players around the world to play. If you are a fan of ARPG games, this is a game that you can not ignore. You can download the game via the link below or choose one of the following MODs:

Honkai Impact 3 MOD v1:
– Infinite Skill

Honkai Impact 3 MOD v2:
– Weak Enemy ATTACK
– Infinite Skill

Honkai Impact 3 MOD v3:
– Weak Enemy HP+ATTACK
– Infinite Skill

Honkai Impact 3 MOD v4:
– Weak Enemy HP+ATTACK
– Infinite Skill
– Auto Battle