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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 181 MB
  • Date Updated: 11/04/2019

In recent times, Playrix Games developers have launched a new game market called Homescapes. Homescapes is a very fun puzzle game. The gameplay is quite similar to other puzzle games, but Homescapes has a new way of playing, promising to bring players the fun and fun experience. Let’s find out about Homescapes for Android.

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When you join the game, you control a housekeeper named Austin. He lived in many other houses, but the house he lived with his parents when he was young made him the most comfortable. When visiting the house, he was surprised, the interior and the house was seriously degraded. Because the house has not used anyone for so long. Everything is old and broken, the curtains are old and need to be replaced, the room is dirty after a long time without the user … Austin has decided to repair the house dearly.

homescapes 2

How to play

At the beginning of Homescapes Mod Money, you control the Austin character, solving puzzles to earn money. You use the money you earn, to buy new furniture for the home. Austin’s gameplay is so familiar and classic, it’s your job to move items of the same type so that they form a vertical or horizontal line. Each time the line disappears, you get the money you need to earn the most money in time. When you reach high levels, the difficulty of the game also increases a lot, the time you make money will also be shorter. You need to collect the most money during that time. You can make combos to earn more money.

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Homescapes APK Mod Money

The game has many different modes for players to experience; the game has more than 400 tasks for players to pass. When players make combos that connect multiple objects, they will destroy the surrounding objects, and you will earn a lot of money exponentially. You will help your character buy more items to decorate the house. Homescapes APK Mod has a lot of unique features. You can buy pets to make the house more fun. You can visit the homes of other players by connecting the game to a social network like Facebook. The game supports a variety of languages; players can easily experience the game.

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Graphics and sound

Download Homescapes Mod owns a pretty eye-catching 3D design, the visual design of the game is very funny cartoon style. Characters and houses are displayed in great detail. The interface of the game is very user-friendly and easy to use. The sound in the game is very fun and lovely melody.

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You are looking for an entertaining and fun game, Homescape will be your choice. With unique and refreshing gameplay, graphic design and sound are fun. Homescapes will give players the most fun and comfortable experience. The game is lightweight, with 181 MB and supports many different phone platforms. You can download the Homescapes using the link below the article.