• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 79 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/06/2018

Want to become a pirate captain in popular films? Want to explore the vast ocean with so many challenges? Holy Ship! Pirate Action will be the answer for you; the game is released by Altitude Games. You will have the opportunity to become a captain of a pirate ship in this game. You control your ship to perform looting and exploration of the vast ocean. Are you a legendary captain?

holy ship pirate action 2

The vast ocean

At the start of the game, the player becomes a pirate captain and controls his ship. As always, you will be in the new player guide mode. The game will teach you how to destroy the dangers in the ocean and upgrade your ship. These are the basic features of the game that you need to know to be able to join the game. The game will have a lot of different difficulty levels for the player to pass.

holy ship pirate action 3

In each level of difficulty, you will have to destroy as many enemies as monsters, strange ships, etc. You can use special skills to defeat your enemies quickly. Your ship possesses four different special skills and will be unlocked when the player reaches levels other than 2 and 7.

holy ship pirate action 4

When you have destroyed all enemies on the map of the game, you will be confronted by powerful bosses. These bosses are very famous pirate ships and are commanded by cruel masters like Krispy Kraken, Ned Shark, Scorpydoo … You will have to use all your power to defeat the This great force, and complete levels are difficult.

Holy Ship! Pirate Action for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After completing the difficult level, you will receive bonuses and trophies. You can use the spoils that you collect when defeating the big boss to upgrade your ship. You will get a bigger sail, powerful armour or destructible weapons … You use your bonus to upgrade your ship to become much stronger. In particular, you can make upgrades for your ship right on the journey so you can achieve a much greater level of power when facing powerful bosses.

holy ship pirate action 5

Unique graphics

Holy Ship! Pirate Action Mod Money has a very unique 2D graphic design. The ship and the vast ocean with various islands in the game are designed in great detail and clarity. Players can observe a large area on the map of the game with a view from above; you can search for monsters and other ships easily to destroy them. The sound of the cannons in the battle is very vividly described, which will create greater stress.

holy ship pirate action 1

Holy Ship! Pirate Action – a fascinating game

Overall, Holy Ship! Pirate Action is a highly idle entertainment game. You will have the unique and exciting experience when taking on endless journeys outside the vast ocean. You should try this game because it will bring a lot of fun and will make you forget the time is passing quickly.