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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 43 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/04/2018

Are you a dangerous and engaging racing game lovers? Want to make the same racing phase as in the action movie of Hollywood? We will answer your question with the Hollywood Stunts Movie Star game released by MTS Free Games developer. Players will be showcasing top racing skills in the role of a famous Hollywood star, the game promises to bring the best experience for players, let’s learn about Hollywood games Movie Star Stunts.

hollywood stunts movie star 1

Dangerous racing game.

At the start of Hollywood Stunts Movie Star Mod Money, the player controls a vehicle and performs impressive and dangerous scenes in the action films. Pass through many dangerous terrains such as slopes, tunnels, cliffs … to show the skills of a super race.

hollywood stunts movie star 2

The game will have many different difficulty levels and many challenges for the player to pass. Each level of difficulty is a dangerous scene that the player must perform and surpass many other opponents to finish the fastest. At higher levels of difficulty, the number of complex and dangerous terrains will increase, and players need to work extremely precisely to be able to overcome these difficult levels with the highest rating coming from.

hollywood stunts movie star 3

Hollywood Stunts Movie Star APK Mod Money

During the race, the player must try to collect as many gold coins as possible to enrich himself. After each race, players will receive bonuses plus the amount of money earned by players during the race; players will use bonuses to upgrade their cars so that it becomes stronger or they have can buy new cars in the shop of the game.

hollywood stunts movie star 5

New cars have greater speed, and better looks that players can comfortably choose, upgrading cars is also essential to players able to complete the higher difficulty levels easily.

Multiplayer racing system.

The racing system of the game is very diverse; the game has more than 12 cars for players to choose and own yourself. You can customize the colour of your car in style and show the hardest techniques with new cars in the game store. This will help players feel new in different races.

hollywood stunts movie star 6

Graphics and sound fidelity.

Hollywood Stunts Movie Star APK Download owns a very nice 3D graphics design. The car and the surroundings are displayed in a very sharp and clear way; players will not be confused between the racing cars together in the match. The sound of the game truly shows the effects of the car’s movement and the sound of the car.

hollywood stunts movie star 7

You can download the game here.

Hollywood Stunts Movie Star for iOS will promise to be the most attractive racing game of 2018. With a variety of vehicle systems and features, the system is well optimized; the graphics and audio are very honest. The game will bring players the most fun and unique moments; you can download the game with the link below the article.