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  • Date Updated: 01/02/2018

Ninja games have always attracted players because ninjas are often mysterious and have good fighting abilities. Hollow Ninja too, this is a very attractive game about Ninja, the game is released by LIP Studio on both Android and iOS. Download Hollow Ninja is a role-playing RPG, promising to bring a compelling experience to players. Let’s explore this new game with us.

Download Hollow Ninja Apk v1.1.8 Mod for Android/iOS

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Come to Hollow Ninja Apk; you will be playing a real Ninja, with the task of protecting and looking for food for your village. The life of the village is very peaceful; people are very cheerful and friendly. Monsters from the shadows appear and destroy the village, they attack and destroy everything that makes everyone in the village panic, and no one dares to leave the house.

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Thus, the chief of the Hokage has given the task of looking for food from outside for a courageous Ninja; you will be immersed in this Ninja, to fight and complete the mission. However, on the way to find food, you will encounter many difficulties and challenges. The monsters and dark forces are everywhere, be prepared to fight them.


Before you start the fight with the monsters, you will be equipped with some weapons such as sword and knife to fight with the enemy. Your task is to destroy the monsters that block your path; they are spiders, worms and ghosts … Use the sword to destroy them, slice them into pieces and go your way.

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Also, you have two more effective combat skills, which you must frequently use to kill monsters faster. Note, your skills will not be used continuously, they need a few seconds to recover. If you use good attacks and skills, the monsters will easily be destroyed.

Simple control system

hollow ninja

The highlight of the Hollow Ninja Mod is that it is easy to familiarize, the control system is clear and not too complicated. The left side of the screen will be the virtual keys so you can move the attack and defence easily. On the right will be the skill system of the Ninja, three skills will be placed in turn so you can use them easily.

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Many attractive features

Hollow Ninja for Android gives you lots of different ninja pictures. However, you have to unlock gradually to get the unique Ninja.
– The difficult task is also a strength of this game; the tasks will not easily pass, you have to move and attack to be able to win the monster.
– The map of Hollow Ninja for iOS is very wide and divided into different areas; you need to complete each stage to be able to play next.

Download Hollow Ninja RPG survival Android/iOS –  Gameplay

Cute graphics

Hollow Ninja Apk Mod is designed in 2D with very cute style, a character image and game monsters are designed very carefully. Along with that is the sound system is very accurate, giving the player a very genuine feeling.

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If you love Ninja games then surely you can not miss the Hollow Ninja. We have provided the download path and installation below, so you can quickly experience this exciting game.