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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 38 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/04/2018

Do you want to drive large motorcycles on the highway? You are the speed lovers and want to own the supercar? Highway Motor Rider is the game for you. The game is produced by SpeedMaster Studio – a studio that specializes in racing games, speed, … I believe that this product of theirs will make the speed lovers extremely satisfied. Let’s find out what’s interesting in the game below!

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About the game

Highway Motor Rider for iOS will allow you to own the most modern and powerful vehicles. You will be driving them and taking part in races on endless highways. This is a great experience for you. Take part in dramatic races and demonstrate your racing skills.

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How to play

Highway Motor Rider is a racing game. You will be able to own large motorized vehicles, participate in races and try your best to finish as fast as possible. The control system of the game is quite similar to other racing games on the market today. Tilt your phone to drive left or right. Accelerated buttons, brakes are designed to look easy on the screen. So everyone can play the game easily. After each win, you will receive a bonus. You can use them to upgrade your car’s stats. Or you can change the colour of the car to your liking.

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Graphics in the game

Highway Motor Rider for Android is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics and eye-catching. All details in the game are designed in detail and true. The scenery on both sides of the road is also constantly changing so that players do not feel boring. Graphics in the game is also a point that I like. The roar of the engine, the whisper of the wind, is described in a very real way. Besides, the background music in the game is very good and exciting. I do not have much to complain about graphics and sound in the game.

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Highway Motor Rider – motorcycle racing game

General comment

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Highway Motor Rider APK Download is a new racing game that you should not miss this summer. The game will give you a great experience. You can access the link below to download the game. Have fun playing the game!