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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 99 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/01/2019

Nordeus is a famous producer, they have been very successful with Top Eleven product. With the success of this product, they received a lot of support from users to develop new products. Meeting people’s entertainment needs, they recently developed an engaging game with a strategic theme. This is an impressive direction for this manufacturer when they are gaining a lot of success in the club management category. With the new development, they bring Heroic – Magic Duel, a unique strategic experience and many exciting activities. With good preparation of the interface and vivid images, this game promises to create the next success for Nordeus.

Magic Duel23

Exciting gameplay

Heroic – Magic Duel for iOS creates unique battles between multiple players. Very interesting gameplay system with an attractive card style collects many cards to use many different characters in each battle. You will be involved in fighting on a simple but interesting map with three paths. You have the task of summoning characters on three paths to fight and win. The battles will be fierce because no one wants to accept defeat. Therefore, you need to summon and use characters appropriately.

heroic magic duel 1

The player must defeat the enemy and defend the base. Each base will have a certain amount of energy. You will fail if your energy drops to zero. Besides summoning characters, you are allowed to use support skills when in danger. If your character is defeated and the enemy is approaching your base. Observe the direction of the enemy’s movement to provide reasonable attack or defence options. Use accurate support skills to ensure victory.

Heroic – Magic Duel – Intense, epic, PvP strategy

To create exciting competition for you and everyone. The manufacturer has built many different activities. Activities will take place regularly for people to participate and receive valuable rewards. Besides, there are many competitive events PVP; each event will bring interesting rewards separately. Winning events help you gain many advantages before others. New challenges and activities will be updated every two weeks for everyone to experience.

heroic magic duel 2

Collect and upgrade characters

Continuous combat and competition with many players help you collect more characters. When winning the battle, you will receive rewards and collect a card. Each card will correspond to a different character. To gain many advantages when fighting, owning a lot of cards is very important. Using many characters on the battlefield will surprise your enemies.

heroic magic duel 3

In addition to collecting, the character upgrade task should not be overlooked. Upgrading characters helps them to have better defensive abilities and deal more damage to enemies. Discover many characters with impressive fighting skills, characters arranged according to their power system. Collect and experience a diverse character system with three power systems including Minions, Heroes and Spells.

heroic magic duel 4

Are you ready?

The products are built with a very popular strategic theme, but Heroic – Magic Duel will surprise people with many unique challenges and experiences. The game has beautiful 3D graphics and an attractive interface that will make you happy when you experience. Control a simpler battlefield with a beautiful and scientific interface. Join friends and compete on the rankings.