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  • Date Updated: 23/08/2018

The universe is always a large place and contains many things unknown to mankind. We could face catastrophes from this vast universe like aliens, black holes, meteors … We will have to be prepared to deal with any of these catastrophes. Every time, people need to prepare in all aspects to be able to resist the threat from outside the universe. Therefore, fiction films will tell us how to avoid these dangers. Also, the game will also bring us the most useful experience. Today, we will introduce you to a new game released by SQUARGAME called Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter. What will you do when faced with the forces of aliens?

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Earth is invaded

In the world of  Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter for Android, Earth has become a chaotic planet. The evil forces of aliens have carried out the brutal wars to destroy humanity and take over the earth. They have succeeded and defeated the most powerful nations; human beings are facing death. Luckily, those with special abilities stood up. They use their special abilities to defeat the invaders. Will humanity have a brighter future when there are these heroes?

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When participating in the game, the player will become a hero. You will possess special abilities; this special ability will help you defeat aliens. You will face the evil forces in so many different levels of difficulty of the game. You will use different weapons such as arrows, swords, guns … to kill enemies. Each hero will possess three special skills, and you will need to use the special skills of the character in the most appropriate way to kill the enemy quickly.

Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter Android/iOS – Gameplay

Like traditional role-playing games, you need to upgrade your character to become stronger to overcome higher difficulty levels. Players can upgrade their character’s skills and weapons by the amount of money they receive after completing the difficulty level. With stronger weapons, you will easily overcome the higher levels of difficulty in the game.

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Simple graphics

Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter APK Mod has a very simple 2D graphic design. You will control your character with a view from above. Map of the game and the monsters are displayed very. You will get the best gaming experience. Also, the skill effects of the characters are very eye-catching, players will be watching the most attractive battle in the game.

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In general, Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter will be a good choice for those who love RPGs. The game has a pretty interesting storyline along with unique gameplay; you will have a lot of new experiences when joining the fierce battle in this game. Join this game now to get the most enjoyable experience.