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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 284 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/07/2018

Are you looking for a refreshing FPS game? Heroes of Warland will be a great choice for you; the game is released by Nitro Games Oyj. This is a unique and exciting FPS game; you will become a hero. You use your gun to fight against the dangers of the enemy and win. This game has no clear plot, but players will get a lot of fun when joining this game. Supported platforms are Android and iOS, and you can download games easily.

heroes of warland 2

Fight between the heroes

At the start of Heroes of Warland for Android, you will be enrolled in a beginner training mode. Here, the game will teach you how to fight the most basic and how to use all the power of the character. Then you will be given the name of your character and participate in Team Deathmatch battles with other players around the world. You will join a group of 3 players, your task and your teammates are to work together to defeat the players in the opposing team and win. Each match will take place in a limited time, whichever team gets bigger points, the team will win.

heroes of warland 3

You will have to combine your teammates with the most tactical tactics to defeat the most enemies and win. The special feature of this game is that you will be controlling a hero in 4 heroes of the game to join the battle, each hero will own a particular weapon and a special skill. You can use this special skill when the power bar on the right side of the screen is filled up. This special skill will help you kill enemies more easily.

heroes of warland 4


The game has a control system quite similar to other FPS games and is familiar to the player. You will be able to control your character after joining the beginner’s guide. However, you will have to practice a lot to improve your shooting skills to become a good player in this game.

Heroes of Warland for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Unique graphics

Heroes of Warland APK Mod owns a unique animated 3D graphic design. The graphic design of the game impresses the players by the image quality is very high and sharp. Characters in the game are designed in an animated style, and they possess distinct and distinct personalities. The sound of the various weapons in the battle is described very vividly.

heroes of warland 1


Heroes of Warland will be a refreshing alternative for those who have become too bored with the usual FPS games or popular survival games. You participate in the games in this game and get a lot of new and unique experience that this game brings. Can you become the best hero?