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In 2016, the Blizzard Entertainment launched a super game called Overwatch. This game has immediately become a big hit in the gaming community. Do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of the gaming market on mobile devices, the publisher from China, Lin Qionghua, has launched a MOBA game, Heroes of Warfare. Many players call this game as Overwatch Mobile, Let learn more about Heroes of Warfare.

Heroes of Warfare APK Mod Money

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Background and gameplay

The plot of Heroes of Warfare for Android is our future world; warriors use modern weapons and advanced technology. In the game, you will join a team of 5 other players, control your character and team up with your teammates to defeat the opposing team. Your mission and your teammates are to occupy a small area on the map, fight and destroy their opponents without occupying the area. A team that dominates a particular area for a specified period of time becomes a winning team. The game has a lot of maps that always make players excited.

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Heroes of Warfare for iOS characters are divided into groups of characters that perform different functions such as tanker, healer, etc. Each character has his own skills and has various usages, one of them is a special feature that you have to collect enough power to use it. The interface of the game is also very easy to use, you control the direction of the character’s movement through the virtual keys and use the skills of the character through the keys on the right of the screen. The bullets are unlimited; you don’t need to worry about your ammunition like other games. In battle, when your character has low HP and can not fight. You need to find the heal pack to heal your character, scattered in fixed places on the map.

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Download Heroes of Warfare APK

Download Heroes of Warfare also has many modes, such as ranking battles in which you need to win the most matches in a row to reach the top of the rankings of the best players. Heroes of Warfare is a highly tactical game in which you need to coordinate with other players, combining skills to get the best result and win.

Graphics and sound

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Heroes of Warfare Mod Money has a beautiful 3D graphic design, characters and scenery are clear and detailed. The characters are beautifully designed and animated. The sound of the game is lively in character movements, weapon effects, and skills in battle.


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If you are a fan of MOBA and FPS games on PCs such as Overwatch, Paladins, etc., Heroes of Warfare is your choice for your mobile. Heroes of Warfare will bring you the most unique and exciting experience. The game is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.