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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 59 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/11/2018

A good game is a game that helps people relax and bring the most exciting experience, lots of content that many manufacturers use to design a unique product. From immersive content to real-time strategy, the games must always meet the entertainment needs needed for everyone. If you are interested in tactical and immersive content, Heroes’ Journey of NordX Games is a worthwhile experience. The game has very engaging content and is combined with unique card elements that make people experience a more unique and quality game.

heroes journey 2

The endless journey

Heroes’ Journey for iOS is a new role-playing game released, and you will participate in many exciting adventure journeys of the game and get to know many new lands in the game. The game is designed with Roguelike element so that people can satisfy their curiosity with many engaging combat activities. Move to many in-game locations to learn secrets and fight off dangerous enemies and get treasured treasures. Games are a series of exciting journeys for people to discover along with many surprises awaiting you and others to explore.

heroes journey 3

High-quality image

The game is designed with high image quality and beautiful 2D graphics. The game is prepared with a series of beautiful visual effects to make people happier playing the game. The diverse layout and maps in the game are designed to provide a great gaming experience. You will feel and experience the game better because the game is built on beautiful graphics with many colors and unique display symbols.

Heroes’ Journey for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fighting features are astonishing

It’s a role-playing game so you will have to control your character to participate in many exciting battles to experience the game. In the battle of the game, you will encounter many dangerous enemies, to use combat skills in the game you just touch the screen of the device to attack the opponent. The fighting skills of the game will be equivalent to a card, and the game has prepared more than 100 different cards for everyone to collect. Join the fight and perform many of the tasks required by the game to collect the cards with the most powerful fighting skills. The game is designed with dozens of potions and modules that are streamlined for people to choose and customize in the game.

heroes journey 4

The game is divided into six different areas for you to explore, inside these six areas are a series of dungeons for people to pass. You will have to face many enemies at once, and the game is designed for turn-based combat. Each turn you will be allowed to use a card on a certain opponent and to complete the task of the game you need to destroy all opponents on the field. Watch out your opponent before using the card because some monsters are capable of dealing with magic, physical attacks, and much other damage. If you do not pay attention and use the card unreasonably then you will be killed by the enemy, carefully track and make the right decision to kill the opponent is the safest way to complete the game. In dungeons will often appear BOSS, destroying them successfully will give you the opportunity to own more cards with incredible power.

heroes journey 1

You will love this game

Heroes’ Journey is a turn-based battle game with many beautiful images. The game combines some striking elements to make the game more fun, like using cards, exploring the dungeon and many other impressive features. Games are the best exploration and relaxation you will ever get.