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The role-playing genre has always been of interest to producers, and these products are always prepared with good image quality. If you want to discover many exciting role-playing games, don’t miss the products produced by TRITONE. They are a famous game producer and were founded in 2009. One of their most popular products is Puzzle Three Kingdoms. With a strong investment in RPG products, they are the best manufacturer for you to choose. And their latest product is called Heroes 5, the most exciting role-playing challenge you have to join now. Discover new lands and experience fascinating combat with many different heroes

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Heroes 5 for iOS was built with a unique world called Ruzia. In this world, you will experience many dangerous adventures and the opportunity to gather many powerful heroes. Join the battle in the vast world with a series of unique challenges and missions. You are allowed to experience many characters at the same time, build your fighting squad with many different characters.

The story of the characters

With different missions and challenges, players will receive experience points and rewards separately. You have to collect many different characters when you experience and overcome many of the required tasks. The game is nicely built with four character classes with its characteristics. In 4 character classes, there is a class of characters that will have a high defensive ability — a class of characters capable of healing energy. And two character classes are capable of inflicting massive damage. Having to build a squad with good fighting ability, you are allowed to arrange and use five different characters in a battle squad.

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The characters also built a system of combat skills, and upgrades are very diverse for you to explore. The upgraded and equipped system for characters is carefully constructed with various details such as attack, defence and vitality parameters. To own a strong character, you need to let the character fight regularly to get more experience points and level up. Upgrade the necessary skills with the unique fighting ability of each character you are using. Equip the necessary items to enhance the fighting power and get many other necessary indicators such as the ability to attack, life force, etc.

Heroes 5 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many interesting challenges

The manufacturer has prepared many battle areas and interesting tasks for everyone to join. Adventure is the name of a battle area that has many different missions and is the first battle area you can join when experiencing. Cave of Proof, Frosty Snowfield and many other battle areas will be unlocked after you complete the game’s requirements. Besides fighting to get experience points for each character, you can join the Training area to train characters. In addition to the PVE missions, players also have the opportunity to experience multiple PVP battles across the globe. Compete and fight with many other players to accumulate more skills. You can arrange your lineup and use your character more appropriately after experiencing intense battles with other players.

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Sharp graphics

Heroes 5 APK Mod has a sharp 3D graphics, carefully built characters and environments that give people more enjoyable experiences. The characters and details of the game are designed in a lovely cartoon style. With turn-based combat style, you can enjoy many nice combat skills.

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Overall, this game has a good image system and is suitable for gameplay. Heroes 5 brings fun challenges and creates lots of fun for everyone. To overcome these unique challenges, you need a good plan and the appropriate changes for the characters being used. Join now with your friends to have more fun experiences.