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  • Platforms: Android 6.0 or later iOS 12.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 12/08/2019

Returning from the great war, the old hero and his unicorn returned to their homeland. However, this place was devastated by war and monsters. Therefore, you are tasked to help the two lovely characters of the game rebuild their village. Discover Hero Park; you have the opportunity to build a unique and interesting village. Instead of serving ordinary farmers, your village will serve many different heroes and help them train their combat skills to prepare for new battles. Currently, this fascinating simulation challenge is released by Fun Flavor Games and is available on Googleplay.

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A place to create heroes

With the mission to create a unique village to serve different heroes. You will need smart village development and management plans. In Hero Park for iOS, you have to build many different buildings to serve the individual needs of heroes. Besides, you also have to produce a variety of different items to provide to the heroes. In particular, your heroes need different dungeons to fight and train their skills. Build and manage the village intelligently to create a whole new generation of warriors.

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You can start the task of building the village with some basic guidelines. These guides will help you understand how to summon new characters and build new buildings as needed. First, you must build the required buildings to collect some of the necessary rewards for developing the village later. There are many buildings with different functions that need to be built. Therefore, you need to calculate wisely and build new buildings in a planned manner. You need to prioritize building buildings that can meet the current needs of heroes and help them grow steadily.

Hero Park – Build your village & dungeons

Besides building new buildings, you must also build dungeons and prepare different monsters to train heroes. With diverse dungeons and monsters, you can create different challenges to help heroes fight and develop their skills. In the beginning, you are only allowed to build and use basic monsters. In the next stage, the game will allow you to build complex dungeons and use many powerful monsters.

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To help players comfortably build and develop their unique village. Hero Park has prepared over 100 different characters for you to collect and develop. Each character will have their requirements on combat weapons. Therefore, you will need individual training plans for each character. In addition to fighting, training in dungeons created and managed by you. Your characters can also participate and many combat missions required by the game. In particular, each mission will give you impressive rewards to collect. From there, you can use these great valuable rewards to develop the village in a better way.