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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 92 MB
  • Date Updated: 01/02/2018

Hero Hunters is a very exciting FPS and MOBA game that will be coming out soon in the world. The game is developed by Hothead Games publisher on both Android and iOS operating systems with a capacity of 109 MB. Download Hero Hunters promises to be a very hot game shortly and will give players a great experience. Currently, Hero Hunters Mod Apk are allowing players to pre-register to be the first to experience this game.

Download Hero Hunters APK+Data for Android/iOS

download hero hunters for ios

In the current mobile game market, there are many games of the same genre with Hero Hunters are developing strong and highly rated players such as Shooter Of War, Hero Mission. However, Hero Hunters also have unique features that we must explore and experience. With a strong and modern style of play, Hero Hunters promises to bring fierce battles between two powerful military forces.

download hero hunters

Come to Hero Hunters; you will be in a fierce battlefield, where two United States Army UAF forces compete for control. You will be immersed in a hero armed with modern weapons to destroy the enemy. Your task is to join the other four heroes to form an army to fight the enemy across the battlefield. However, your opponent is also equipped with modern weapons such as machine guns, sniper rifles … extremely dangerous.

Modern and diverse weapons

download hero hunters for android apk

Download Hero Hunters Mod is a modern weapons system equipped with heroes, these weapons are very high damage and can kill enemies quickly. Also, you can upgrade your weapon to make it stronger or buy new guns to fight.

Many heroic characters to choose from

download hero hunters for android

Hero Hunters for Android offers players a wide variety of heroes to choose from, each with its visual design and skills. Also, each character is also armed with different weapons and duties in battle. Experience this exciting feature of Hero Hunters.

If you feel bored with the 5vs5 battle mode, Hero Hunters for iOS also offers 1vs1 mode. In this mode, you can solo and challenge the enemy in the fairest way. Note: Hero Hunters will always need a stable Internet connection to participate in the battle.

Hero Hunters Gameplay/Download Mod APK+Data for Android

Great graphics

It is said that Hero Hunters APK+Data is a game with 3D graphics design is very impressive and beautiful. Stylish design is very modern and advanced to make players feel very excited. Also, the sound system of the Hero Hunters is very lively, this makes the game up true and create the battle extremely fiercely.

hero hunters


Overall, Hero Hunters is a game that promises to bring new experiences to players. The publisher of Hothead Games has allowed players worldwide to register as the first to participate in this game. We have provided a path for you to pre-register for both Android and iOS.