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  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018

If you regularly play strategy games, you will remember the Hero Academy. Unfortunately, this game has been removed from the Google Play store a few years ago, which makes players extremely regret. Many players are waiting to be able to experience this fascinating strategy game. Recently, the publisher of Robot Entertainment has brought the good news to many players around the world, the game Hero Academy has officially returned to the name of Hero Academy 2 Mod Apk.

Download Hero Academy 2 Mod Apk latest for Android/iOS


Hero Academy 2 was released on January 16th on two very popular operating systems Android and iOS. Since it’s part 2, the game follows on from the previous section and has a lot of improvement from gameplay to graphics and sound.

Tactical gameplay and thinking


Hero Academy 2 Mod is not simply an entertainment game, the game requires a lot of intelligence and calculations coming from the player. Each battle will not be as dramatic and fierce as the fighting games, Hero Academy 2 will allow players to battle in turn, each turn will be an important step, requiring players to think more.
If you’ve ever played intellectual sports like chess, you’ll find Hero Academy 2 Apk very familiar. Entering the game, the battle arena will be a large area, broken down into several different squares. The monsters will appear in random squares; you have to calculate to destroy them.


In addition to having to kill enemies, you need to move to get more resources and diamonds. You and some assistants will have to work together to complete the task. Always balance out the enemy and exploit diamond, if you are too concerned about a single task and forget the rest of the mission, your team will be difficult to win. In the game Hero Academy 2 for iOS, my favourite feature is the diamond mining. This is the key to determining the outcome of the game. However, do not over-concentrate on this, it will cause your army to be destroyed faster. After each battle, you will receive the corresponding diamonds exploited, use it to upgrade the army and characters, so your team is invincible.


One more thing that Hero Academy 2 for Android is very attractive to players is that the characters in your army can be summoned by drawing cards, if you’re lucky, get the magical character with long range, Then you can destroy the enemy without coming close. However, warrior characters have short range and can fight if the enemy is in the next box, which increases the chance of the game, so stay awake to win. If you are lucky, you can take special cards that control the weather, create storms and natural disasters to make it difficult for enemies.

Hero Academy 2 – Android Gameplay

Graphics are provided

hero academy 2

Hero Academy 2 is significantly upgraded in terms of graphics compared to the old version. The characters are designed more fun and much more alive. Weather effects, floating fire are very true portrayed in the game


Hero Academy 2 is very well suited for those who love intellectual games, apply your intelligence to victory in this game. If you are interested in the game, you can download and install the links below.