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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 90 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/03/2019

If you regularly watch our articles, then surely know about the single player and addictive games like Fire Up!, Knife Hit, Sky Ball and Rush. These are all new games and are highly regarded by the world’s two Voodoo and Ketchapp publishers. Recently, the Voodoo release continues to launch the game called Helix Jump APK extremely interesting and promising to create the fever in the future. So, let’s work with to learn more about this new game.

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Helix Jump was released on the 13th on both the Android and iOS operating systems, the latest update to the 33Mb game. With relatively light capacity, the game can operate smoothly on most low-profile mobile devices. You can safely download and experience the game. Shortly after its launch on Google Play and the App Store, the game quickly gained a lot of attention from players around the world.

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Specifically, the game has reached 10 million installs and 95K reviews on Google Play. This is a huge number and is a dream come true for many mobile game developers. Not only that, but this number also confirmed the name of the Voodoo publisher on the international market.

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Addictive gameplay

Like other Voodoo games, Helix Jump for iOS has new and exciting gameplay. The game requires a high degree of difficulty, and you will have to play many times to complete the missions of the game. This makes the game more attractive and highly addictive.

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To start Helix Jump for Android, you will have to control a ball and make it overcome the obstacles along the way. The ball will constantly jump, and it is very difficult for you to control it. Always be careful to place the ball in the rack to score more points. At the first level, you will have a hard time controlling the ball moving.

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However, at the later levels, when you are familiar with the way the governing of the management, the control is relatively easy. Also, the next difficulty you face is that the racks are not sure, stay away from the red spots on the racks. If the ball falls into the red, then you lose.

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Download Helix Jump for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Indeed, to score high scores is not easy. At harder levels, the racks will constantly move, and you will have to align properly to allow the ball to hit the racks. Also, do not worry about constantly losing, so many players all over the world are like you because the game has very high difficulty.

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Note: The game is currently being released for free on both Android and iOS. So, in the process of joining the game, you will encounter some annoying ads. You can upgrade the game to the advanced version to completely remove annoying ads. Also, after completing the game installation, you can join the game anytime and anywhere as the game will not require an internet connection.

Some reviews of players

Sonia Huelin: “Downloaded this game about three weeks ago. I love it. I’m on level 64 already (so not well compared to some!) And my score so far is only 11004. Whomever ever created this game … well done Its such a relaxing way to pass any free time. It doesn’t kill the battery on your phone with …”

Alberto Rios: “It’s a great game, but the only problem is the ads. When I click to revive, it does not even work at all; I watch the ad that is like a WHOLE minute long, and my screen stays black all the time until I give up and close the app then go back in. Hope Voodoo can fix that. Otherwise, is great, good graphics, great game.”

Quinton Harrison: “My review of this game is summed up in one word … Simple. Graphics are nice and quaint.” It eats time very. Well, I can boot this up and kill 10 minutes easy. The ads are not invasive or overbearing. I am still in the early stages, but this is a solid game with a wide audience.”


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As can be seen, Helix Jump APK Download has a lot of positive reviews from players around the world. Download the game and join one of the hottest games of its time. We provide paths for you to download games for Android and iOS. Have fun playing the game!