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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 27/06/2018

When it comes to football at the moment, we think of the 2018 World Cup. Also, we can think of new football games that have been released recently. Head Soccer World Champion is one of the new football games released by MGH2 GAME. A game with unique gameplay and fun graphic design, players will experience the most fun football game. Enjoy it and enjoy your football passion by winning the title. Can you become the champion in this game?

head soccer world champion 2

Legs and head

In Head Soccer World Champion APK Download, players will have the opportunity to control the famous football players from many football teams in the world. The game will take you to the World Cup; you will have to overcome 32 best football teams from 32 countries around the world. Make fun matches to become the champion with extremely simple gameplay.

head soccer world champion 3

You will control only one character; he can play all the different positions in your squad. You will use two virtual keys at the bottom left of the screen to control the direction of the character’s movement. You control the character to perform the jump operation and shoot with two virtual keys at the bottom right corner of the screen. Players will not need any guidance to participate in this fun game.

Head Soccer World Champion for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You will control your player to jump up to block the ball and move the shot to score. However, other opponents will not give you a chance to score goals easily. The game will end when the time limit is over, the team that has more goals will win the team. You can get a lot of bonuses after winning the match. Use bonuses to unlock new characters for yourself and get a new feel. Each character will own a different indicator; you need to collect the strongest characters to be able to win the game more dramatic.

head soccer world champion 4

Graphics – sound

Head Soccer World Champion APK Mod has a very simple and fun 2D graphic design. The characters in the game are designed with large heads and legs, but their bodies are too small. This creates a new feel for the players and will make them feel funny. The action of jumping and shooting is also shown very hilarious. The sound in the game will make the player feel a lot happier.

head soccer world champion 5


Overall, Head Soccer World Champion is a fun game for football lovers. The game will bring players the happiest and most comfortable moments together with the fun football games of the game. Download this game and become the champion of the World Cup!