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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, also known as Harry Potter GO, is released by Niantic, Inc. and Warner Bros for mobile phones in early 2018. The game was inspired by the Harry Potter novel by JK Rowling and developed by Niantic, Inc., the father of Pokémon GO.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK Mod

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Is it as successful as Pokémon GO

Five years ago, the AR (virtual reality) game was born as Ingress, then Niantic Labs upgraded to Pokemon GO last year. The game has brought a lot of success, great impact on the game industry of the world.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK Download – an AR genre that is similar to Pokemon GO was born. The game allows players to create spells by rolling the wand on their hands. Hope Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for Android will be inherited the achievements as well as the digital platform that the first products Niantic created such as Ingress and Pokemon GO. Involved in the game, players will learn how to create magic, find and fight the legendary monsters. Moreover, you can also create a group together to defeat the super-powerful enemies.

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Gameplay is similar to Pokemon GO

If you have ever played Pokemon Go, surely Harry Potter: Wizards Unite cannot challenge you. The game takes you into a magical world where you will become a wizard with magic in your hands. Your task is to fight all the powerful monsters to protect the world peace.

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To become a witch, you must enrol in one of the four Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. You will be taught how to magically increase your magic level by hunting mysterious creatures and collecting badges. The valuable items that you can find on the way such as magic books, “Horcruxes.” These magical items can make it easier for you to defeat enemies.


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The mechanism of operation of Wizards Unite is similar to Pokemon Go, in which you can play as a witch with a wand in your hand. You can meet, make friends with many people to hunt together monsters, fight the evil forces to protect world peace. The game adds a lot of exciting new features, promising to bring you the best experience.

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Certainly, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for iOS has been invested explicitly in graphic design and sound effects. Images of moving creatures are subtle, magical books and glittering spheres all are lively. Besides, the sound effects are also extremely animated such as the breath of the mysterious creatures and the magical sound of the items collected in the bag. They all blend to create an incredibly fanciful, attractive game of all ages.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK will bring you back to your childhood with the fairy tails which is full of magic. Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on your mobile and experience it!