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  • Date Updated: 04/02/2018

You often let your young children play light games as they begin to learn about life around them. Just like other games, Download Happy Chef 2 has a very simple gameplay that is suitable for all ages. In Happy Chef 2, the player is free to cook but with a condition that must complete it within the specified time. Imagine, if a customer comes to your restaurant, the customer is waiting for food for a long time, they will go to another restaurant. When customers leave, restaurants will reduce sales and make sure you get fired. Therefore, time is of the utmost importance in Happy Chef 2.

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Make dishes of all the countries in the world

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When participating in Happy Chef 2 for iOS, you will be trained the first lesson of cooking simple dishes. Start with foods like pizza, pasta, and then you’ll learn how to cook harder. Gradually you will be trusted and assigned to develop restaurants around the world. Also, you will learn more about the culture and local dishes to be able to process the spices to suit the people there.

Upgrade the kitchen and decorate the store

When you have become a talented chef, you can not use an old and shabby kitchen to cook. Employees will be most effective when they have an ideal workplace. Therefore, you need to upgrade your kitchen with more modern equipment. This investment will help you increase your income quickly. That way, you can become a wealthy chef.

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One thing is for sure when you are successful; you also need a luxury restaurant. The next thing you need to do is decorate the restaurant to make it more attractive to customers. Where you work will be decorated luxuriously, customers will love your restaurant.

Bring to the customers the dishes with unique flavour

To provide the best food for the customers, you will need the necessary items such as money, restaurants, kitchens, modern cooking equipment … That is the premise for the chef so that they can create the best food. Taste delicious, unique is what makes customers never forget your restaurant.

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Game brings you countless fun

Happy Chef 2 Mod Coins is a fun and engaging game for children who are learning about the world around; especially it is suitable for those who love to cook and who want to find a game to play after hours of stressful work. The publisher will give you over 70 levels for you to conquer, with each level higher, the difficulty of the game will be increased. Also, the game also has five mini-games with interesting images to help you not get bored when playing.

General comment

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It can be said that Happy Chef 2 for Android is a fairly simple game but does not lose its own charm. Since its launch, the game has reached 5 million downloads. The game is very suitable for children to train intellectual.